April 8, 1953: Hollywood Finally Catches 3-D Fever

09.04.2008 Movies #3d #Vintage

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1953: Man in the Dark opens at the Globe Theater in New York City. It is the first 3-D movie released by a major Hollywood studio, beating The House of Wax to the screen by two days.

It took Hollywood a while to embrace 3-D technology -- the earliest known 3-D feature film, not made by a mainline studio, was The Power of Love in 1922.

But 3-D had already been around for a long time. Charles Wheatstone made the world's first stereoscopic viewer in 1838, basing his invention on theories of perspective dating to the Renaissance.

Wheatstone's viewer, built using angled mirrors, contained two separate drawings mounted side by side, one for each eye. Using the stereoscope allowed the images to merge, giving the viewer the illusion of depth.