RSS and Giving Away Music - What’s The Difference?

I see that the proposed ISP tax is the talk of the town again. I’ve written about it two weeks ago and my opinion hasn’t changed much since then.

RSS musicHowever, in relation to this topic, I’d like to propose the following equation: RSS = Free Music. (To avoid any possible misunderstanding, I mean this in the sense that giving your RSS feed for free is the same as giving away music for free) The thing is, us journalists are often criticized by musicians and music label execs when we write about the zero cost of copying music and the pointlessness of RIAA’s desperate schemes; the criticism is somewhere along the lines of “you don’t know how it is; how would you feel if someone stole your original content and distributed it freely?”

Well, in fact, we do know how it feels. In fact, most of us voluntarily give our content for free to anyone that wants it, via RSS.