Grand Theft Auto's Music Sales Plan Should Be Just the Beginning

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If you hear a song you like as you're tooling around the streets, you can "mark" it by calling ZIT-555-0100 on your cell phone, and soon receive a text message with the song and artist names. If you also happen to be a member of the Rockstar Games Social Club, Rockstar's community site for GTA IV and all future titles, you'll receive an email with a link to download the song from Amazon for less than a buck.

The songs are DRM-free, so you can play them on whatever you like. GTA IV's soundtrack boasts more than 150 tunes, so there's bound to be something you'll want to add to your playlist.


Terminator-Machinima in GTA 5

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Can 100 People in GTA5 do [x]?

Was 100 Leute in GTA5 so alles können:


Samsungs explodierende Smartphones, jetzt neu in your plane in your GTA.(via Martin)

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