Interview: Dance 'Dorks' Justice


Underwire: So, first off, out of curiosity what music do you play at a Playboy party?

Xavier de Rosnay: Actually, I don’t know because I still don’t know how the party is. We don’t DJ [much] anymore. For the most part we’ve been playing like 99 percent live shows. Sometimes we do DJ but then it’s just for after-parties or friend’s parties. I think the last ten times I DJ’d I just played pop music and disco or soul music. So that’s what’s in my bag right now. But I did bring some rave tunes, because I didn’t know what this would be like, and this seems like it’s a real party. But if it’s really like a rave party then I will try to play more pop tunes. But if it’s like a pop party then I will try to go into rave, because it’s always cool to play something different than what people are expecting. We have some good experiences of turning cocktail parties into really violent parties.