For Sale on Ebay: My life in Oz... including a house, job, motorbike, clothes, and, of course, a barbie!

18.03.2008 #Ebay #Life #Weird

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Ian Usher loves his life in Perth, Australia. But since his wife, Laura, was part of that life and the couple have split up, he has decided to offer it, lock, stock and barrel to the highest bidder.

Mr Usher, 44, originally from Darlington, County Durham, has put his entire life up for grabs on the online auction site eBay, with a starting price of one Australian dollar. On offer, is his marital home, his Mazda car and a 140mph Kawasaki motorbike.

The successful bidder will also receive an array of gadgets enabling them to enjoy his sun-drenched Australian lifestyle to the full, including a jet ski, a set of kite-surfing gear, bodyboards and a mountain bike.