Time Magazine 1965: Die computerisierte Gesellschaft


Sehr schön! Modern Mechanix hat großformatige Scans eines Time Magazine-Artikels von 1965, aus einer Zeit, als Kraftwerk grade mal anfingen, über Computer nachzudenken und das Konzept des Personal Computers noch flüssig war: „The Cybernated Generation“

The computer is, in fact, the largely unsung hero of the thrust into space. Computers carefully checked out all Gemini’s systems before the launch, kept precise track of the spacecraft’s position in the heavens at every moment, plotted trajectories and issued precise commands to the astronauts. On their detailed instructions, the astronauts made the first change of orbit ever achieved in flight; computers not only designed the new orbit, but also told the command pilot at what time and for how long he should fire his thrusters to achieve it.

While man’s exploration of space would be impossible without computers, the biggest changes worked by these remarkable machines are taking place right on earth. Just out of its teens, the computer is beginning to affect the very fabric of society, kindling both wonder and widespread apprehension. Is the computer a friend or enemy of man? Will it cause hopeless unemployment by speeding automation, that disquieting term that it has brought into the language? Will it devalue the human brain, or happily free it from drudgery? Will it ever learn to think for itself?