What piracy crisis? MPAA touts record box office for 2007

After learning how a bill becomes a law, your kids might also learn about the wonders of copyright, thanks to the MPAA. The motion picture trade group has signed an agreement with the popular Weekly Reader publication for kids that will highlight "canine crime-fighting ambassadors Lucky and Flo." That's right: DVD-sniffing dogs will educate children about the value of copyrights in a "fun and exciting way." Sounds like a blast.

But this sort of thing has become crucial to the MPAA. Take a look at the group's homepage; nearly everything is about copyrights and piracy. The MPAA routinely asserts that the movie business is being decimated by piracy, but the press release announcing the Weekly Reader deal sits just below a far more interesting piece of news (PDF): data that shows the US box office doing its biggest year of business ever in 2007, growing 5.4 percent over 2006 and bringing in $9.63 billion.