The State of the Digital Music Union


At the Digital Music Forum East, digital music and major label executives gathered to discuss the state of the digital music union for the conference's keynote address. Unlike previous years' DRM focus, this year's panels have revolved around plans for new and old media companies to coexist.

Brad Duea, President, Napster
- Consumers are ready to move past physical media. (As evidence of this) we have 750K subscribers.


Ted Mico, Head of Digital, Interscope Geffen A&M
- People need filters, whether from friends or labels.
- 40 percent of our revenue is digital.


Glenn Otis Brown, Strategic Partner Developer, YouTube
- I bought the $80 Radiohead double vinyl, double CD release. I put it in the closet and haven't opened it yet. The reason I did this is so that I can show my kids, who I don't have yet, the discs as an example of a weird artifact. They will think I was crazy to pay.