ELECTRONIC COMPUTERS - what they are and what they do

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AUTOMATION has given new importance to electronic computers. From automatic factories to magazine subscriptions, they are becoming a part of our daily life. More applications are constantly being found for computers large and small.

There are two different types of computers: the digital, which uses numbers or digits, and the analog, which uses a measure, such as voltage, current, or angle of rotation.

While large-scale digital computers have captured the headlines, both types are important. Many more analog than digital computers are now in use although both analog and digital techniques are used in some computers. There are, however, striking differences between the two types. Each has applications where it is best suited; each has good features as well as disadvantages.


Charles Thacker R.I.P.

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Monster 6502

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Soundtrack For Bombs: Nuclear Explosion Test Wave

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Cybernetic Serendipity 1968

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Keyboard Bling 😱

😱 😱 This shit exists: e-element 104 PBT Double Shot. 😱 This year already sucks as bad as the last…

Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife Mabel in a Tetrahedron

Alexander Graham Bell, Erfinder des Telefon, knutscht seine Frau in einem Tetraeder, der alte Polyeder-Fetischist. (via Archillect Links)

19th Century Onna-Bugeisha Grrrrrl-Samurai

Cool Collection of 19th Century Photographs of Onna-Bugeisha (女武芸者?, „female martial artist“). (via Dangerous Minds) These warriors, known as onna…

Mechanical Sand-RAM

Schöne Arbeit von Ralf Baecker, ein mechanischer RAM, der Binärdaten mit Sandkörnern schreibt und damit ein bisschen Voodoo ausrechnet: Random…

Alexa Fishbot

The Future. It's beautiful. who did thispic.twitter.com/Wriy531ALr — 🦃 Wolf ウルフ (@Ouren) November 4, 2016

Apple Startup-Sound R.I.P.

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