Akira Mechanix 2019 Scans


Yay! Großformatige Scans eines mit Stills illustrierten Buchs über die Technologie in Akira, meinem Anime-Alltime-Favoriten.

Published in 1988 by Bandai, this is the Bible of Akira books. It's full title is AKIRA MECHANIX 2019: Cyber Art & Mechanism From Moving Picture "Akira" and (as the title suggests) it's about the artwork that went into making the anime.

Divided into 20 chapters, segments include:
- Photographs and vignettes used for promotion/merchandise;
- Character pages and technical model sheets of vehicles/weapons in the film;
- Illustrations/paintings by other Japanese creatives, inspired by AKIRA;
- Info on Kaneda's Bike- mechanics, inspiration, plans, working models etc;
- Creating the Neo tokyo environment;
- Staff feedback regarding their roles in the film and their inspiration for creating Neo-Tokyo.

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