Spore kommt im September 2008!

12.02.2008 Misc
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(Youtube Direktspore)

After years of eager anticipation, EA has finally announced a concrete release date for Will Wright's latest potential masterpiece. A link of the front page of Spore.com takes you to a video that proudly proclaims, "Earthlings, get ready to leave your galaxy...September 7th, 2008." (Kotaku)

Yay! Bazillendinos züchten, die die Galaxis erobern. Fuck, bis September sind es noch unglaubliche 7 Monate. Argh! Immerhin genug Zeit, um über PC-Hardware nachzudenken. Ja, Spore ist tatsächlich ein Anlaß für mich, mir nen PC anzuschaffen. Vielleicht.

[update] Ich sehe mir jetzt nochmal das Gameplay-Demo von Februar 2006 an, eine halbe Stunde lang Will Wright beim Evolution-Spielen zugucken...(Google Direktspore)

[update] Bei Newsweek erklärt Will Wright, was zum Geier so lange gedauert hat und warum die ganze Warterei die Sache wert gewesen sei:


When we first met in your office to talk seriously about this game it was some time in 2005. It's now 2008, and you guys are finally set to announce a release date. What happened? What's been taking so long in making this game?

Oh gosh. It was so many challenges to overcome. A lot of them initially were technical challenges: procedural animation; can we do these levels of detail enough to have zoom on the models; etc. Once we nailed most of those, it became a very large design challenge. And probably the biggest design challenge was keeping it very accessible to players so that every bit of the game was intuitive, easy and approachable. At the same time, we were going to mix all these genres, so we wanted to have one kind of control scheme, camera scheme, feedback system, rewards, across these different game genres. That probably overall was the biggest challenge, I think.

We've had all the game levels up and running for quite a while now. Initially it felt like five different games kind of stuck together. We basically did pass after pass, bringing these things into alignment, kind of like aligning the Intercontinental railway, digging into the rails with a sledgehammer, slowly getting closer and closer and closer until pretty soon it's a seamless fit across the rail.

Link zu Teil 1 | Link zu Teil 2 (via)