How pirates lost the console wars

02.02.2008 Games #Copyright

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Illegally modified or ‘chipped’ Xboxes started with private owners eking out ways to improve the machine, dropping in custom-built mod chips such as the X-ecuter 2 Lite and upping the horsepower of their sytems by adding in 80+ gigs of extra hard drive (the original Xbox came with just 8 gigs). Some fans simply wanted to play or back up other media they owned, such as their legally purchased games, mp3s and movies using their machine. But this warranty-voiding practice was understandably frowned upon by Microsoft, because it turned the Xbox into a giant iPod for storing pirate video games. And soon enough, custom-built chipped Xboxes were appearing in stores, selling for $500, that didn’t just come with more hard drive space, but fifteen or more pirated games pre-loaded as well.