Neue Bilder und Features aus GTA4

24.01.2008 Games Misc #GTA

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Bei gibt es Details zum Gameplay des neuesten Teils der Grand Theft Auto Serie und fuck, yeah, wird das großartig. Schonmal das wichtigste vorab:

GTA IV is definitely not getting delayed again.

Yeah! Hier die wichtigsten Features aus dem neuen Gameplay, wie erwartet, wird das Spiel um einiges detailierter als seine Vorgänger:

- Inside the police car, Niko has full access to the police database where he can search, via keypad [...] Note that some high-end cars will have talking GPS.
- new free-aim targeting mode while driving, which allows Niko to fire in any direction around the car (not just right and left drive, as was the old "drive-by" mechanic).
- the new B-button camera function, players can orient the camera to stay focused on moving targets (or switch between more cinematic camera angles when not in combat).
- Apparently unlike past GTA games, you can survive a car explosion in GTA IV
- Niko can keep up relationships with key people in Liberty City. For example, get a high enough friendship rating with Little Jacob the mobile guns dealer and more weapons are just a phone call away.
- Niko drives to pick up Roman and the nearest bar is marked on the map. The two friends go into the bar, and after an expedited period of time, Niko and Roman come out hammered. The screen shakes violently as Niko and Roman stumble towards the car.
- When in combat, Niko can take cover behind any object in the game. He can blind-fire from behind cover or pop and shoot for increased accuracy. The new targeting system enables players to soft lock-on to a target and then pinpoint specific points of the body, such as head, torso, or legs.
- by rapidly pressing the A-button Niko will climb to the top of the truck. Once on top, it becomes a physics mini-game where the player must anticipate acceleration, braking, and turning. The truck makes a sharp turn and Niko goes flying off the edge, but he's still holding on.

Kinners, das wird großartig.

Link zum Artikel bei Gamepro, Link zum letzten Trailer (via)