Mike Skinner begräbt sein Label und geht online

Sehr konsequent: Mike Skinner aka The Streets macht sein Label „The Beats“ dicht und begräbt es samt Grabesrede und Zeremonie.

Today we put The Beats to rest.

When we came to the decision by committee that we'd make things really definite by holding a full ceremony, it felt like it might feel like a stunt (Myspace-Blog)

Mike Skinner sagte dem NME gegenüber dazu, dass es eben ein Fakt sei, dass traditionelle Labels tot seien und er lieber Online-Spielereien ausprobieren will:

“It just comes down to the fact that the traditional record label is dead,” Skinner told NME.COM, talking about the reasons behind his decision to call time on the label.

“The Beats represents me growing up,” he continued. “Spectating was more nerve-wracking than performing.

“What I’m doing now is looking for the thing you can create that embraces the next generation,” he explained. “I’m really into what you can do online and I’d rather be at the centre of it.” (NME, Hervorhebung von mir)