Links vom 7. 1. 2008: Punk Flyer, David Bowies Love Missile, Jesus Camp und Isaac Asimov über den Klimawandel

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Internetvideos von Konzerten sind ja nun wirklich nichts Neues mehr, ob einzelne Songs oder ganze Auftritte, ob mit vernünftigem Equipment oder mit Wackelhandys, ob von Amateuren oder Profis, Herausragendes sieht man da zunehmend selten. Umso erfreulicher dann wenn man noch mal auf so etwas wie Videothing stoßen kann. Die Videos (u.a. über Glass Candy, A Place To Bury Strangers, 1990s, Justice, The Slits und Ariel Pink) dort fokussieren sich nicht auf den Auftritt an sich, mehr fassen sie das ganze Ereignis Konzert in Filmform.

Punk Flyer Collection 1981 - 2006

Modding consumer electronics devices into DJ tools with Gijs Gieskes
In the illustrious world of case-mods and console hacking, artists and makers are re-inventing the design and function of these ubiquitous consumer electronics devices by creating hybrid systems and creative artifacts that challenge the corporate status quo. Taking this credo to an extreme with his inventive hardware projects is Dutch artist and maker, Gijs Gieskes.

Napster’s Download Store Now 100 Percent DRM-Free
Napster, one of the earliest supporters of Microsoft’s PlaysForSure digital rights management, just announced that it will abandoned DRM completely in its music download store in the second quarter of this year.

Why audiophiles are dying out
Audiophiles are jackasses. You know who I’m talking about: The guys — and they’re almost always guys — who own $54,000 stereo systems and have their entire apartments dominated by thousands of vinyl albums of rare imports that are boring beyond description but which they force you to listen to, when you make the ghastly mistake of actually visiting their sonic sanctuaries.

Rosige Zukunft für EMI?
Von zuletzt 61 Millionen Pfund soll der Gewinn im Musikbereich innerhalb von fünf Jahren auf 528 Millionen Pfund steigen. Erreichen will Terra Firma das laut Geschäftsführer Guy Hands zum einen durch Einsparungen (sprich Entlassungen), die 135 Millionen bringen sollen, und zum anderen durch eine wundersame Stabilisierung im Tonträgergeschäft, die im Jahr 2010 (durch welche Ereignisse auch immer) eintreten soll. Bis dahin werde das Download-Geschäft die Verluste beim Handel mit physischen Tonträgern kompensieren.

MTV: What hast thou become?
MTV can no longer ‘make’ an artist or band the way it used to be able to, but it does have the frightening ability to seemingly create stardom out of nothing for its reality show cast members. And in todays gossip hungry and voyeuristic society, apparently that’s all you need to stay relevant. MTV doesn’t play music anymore and it hasn’t for quite sometime. I’m fine with it, but it’s sort of interesting that a station that once had its hands on the pulse of American music has become a variation of SoapNet.

Stone Oakvalley’s Authentic SID Collection
MP3 Archive (145449 files) of music recorded from real C64s (6581R2, 6581R4 & 8580R5)

David Bowie - Love Missile F1-11 (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Cover)


Post-Punk a la Carte: In edlen Bildern wandert Anton Corbijn auf den Spuren von “Joy Division”
Das Jahr 1980 mag eine Weile zurückliegen, aber jetzt ersteht es im Kino wieder auf, so lebendig und frisch, als sei es erst von ein paar Tagen zu Ende gegangen. 2008 ist das Jahr von “Joy Division”, nicht als bloßes Revival und nicht allein mit “Control” dem Biopic des Niederländers Anton Corbijn. Irgendwann wird auch Grant Gee’s Documentation “Joy Division” bei uns oder auf DVD zu sehen sein, die Corbijns Film perfekt ergänzt, indem sie auch den überlebenden Band-Mitgliedern ihr Recht gibt. Und schon jetzt kann man ihre Songs in einer edlen Werkausgabe (”Heart & Soul”) auf fünf CD’s, sozusagen historisch-kritisch-ewig für die Unsterblichkeit konserviert erwerben.

Jesus Camp - Full Documentary
Jesus Camp is a documentary about the “Kids On Fire School of Ministry,” a pentecostal summer camp located just outside Devils Lake, North Dakota and run by Becky Fischer and her ministry, Kids in Ministry International. The film focuses on three children who attended the camp in the summer of 2005–Levi, Rachael, and Tory (Victoria). The film cuts between footage of the camp and a children’s prayer conference held just prior to the camp at Christ Triumphant Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri; a suburb of Kansas City (where Fischer is ordained). Jesus Camp debuted at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, and was sold by A&E Indie Films to Magnolia Pictures. Controversy surrounding the film was featured in several television news programs and print media articles in 2006.

Wo Wir Auch Noch Anti-Piracy-Crime Warnungen Brauchen
Es soll ja Leute geben, die von den Anti-Piracy Warnungen am Anfang von DVDs etwas irritiert sind. Ich bin ja der Meinung das geht nicht weit genug. Diese Warnungen sollten noch ausgeweitet werden, denn dann wird alles wieder gut und die Welt “a better place to live”. Ein paar Vorschlaege wie das umgesetzt werden koennte

The Best Movie Posters of 2007
Keep in mind I’m going entirely off of design. The movie, the film’s story, the actors and directors involved do not matter what-so-ever. I’m also only looking at films which were released in 2007.

BBtv: Jedi Xeni/Steam-Powered Robots
If you’re in need of a Star Wars fix to get ‘08 off on the right foot, BBtv has got the goods. It’s an epic sequel to Xeni’s initial meeting with the LA Jedi. “The Trials of Padawan Xeni” features some familiar faces, and some crack voice over work by the BoingBoingTV crew.

Sherlock Holmes the True story
A documentary about the real life inspirations for Sherlock Holmes. A leading professor of medicine, Dr. … all » Joseph Bell is a pioneer in a new field, forensic science. Joseph Bell is the real life model for the greatest fictional detective in history. He inspired his student, Arthur Conan Doyle to create a legend. Includes interviews with literary historians and Holmes experts and asks the question what is it about this imaginary victorian detective seem so real.

My Fake Baby
„My Fake Baby” is a Channel 4 documentary exploring “the lives of women who spend hundreds of pounds on life-like baby dolls. Loved like real babies, they’re taken for walks, cuddled and even have their nappies changed.


“Ztohoven”: Knast für Culture Jammer?
Am 20. Juni hatten wir über die “Atombombe zum Frühstück” der tschechischen Künstlergruppe Ztohoven berichtet: Die Gruppe hatte sich in das TV-Frühstücksfernsehen gehackt und die simulierte Detonation einer Atombombe eingespeist. (Video hier!) Später erklärte die Gruppe in einem Statement: “We are neither a terrorist organization nor a political group, our aim is not to intimidate the society or manipulate it, which is something we witness on daily basis both in the real world and in the world created by the media. We hope our action will become an appeal for the future and remind the media of their duty to bring out the truth.”

You are beautyfull
You Are Beautiful is a simple, powerful statement which is incorporated into the over absorption of mass media and lifestyles that are wrapped in consumer culture. The intention behind this project is to reach beyond ourselves as individuals to make a difference by creating moments of positive self realization. We’re just attempting to make the world a little better.

Paper Critters
Online Paper Toy Creator

hugh ferriss winners
The Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize, awarded annually for excellence in the graphic representation of architecture.

Welcome to Junk City
One of Japanese artist Enoki Chu’s newest installations is RPM-1200, a futuristic, crescent-shaped skyline made with pieces of junk metal polished to a brilliant shine. You can’t tell from the picture, but this is an impressive sculpture that stands 11 feet tall and has a diameter of 15 feet.

Und so.

5 unbelievably cool research facilities
otherwordly structures, massive machines, surreal technology….

Rovio - The Wi-Fi Spy Robot
Rovio is the first robot from the WowWee company to use the breakthrough Northstar technology for pinpoint navigation of your home or office. Rovio acts as a Wi-Fi enabled spy robot with full audio and video streaming capabilities, accessible from anywhere in the world you have a Web connection and a Web enabled device like a PC, video game console, or cell phone.

WW1 Soldier blogs his WW1 Life - 90 Years after
This blog is made up of transcripts of Harry Lamin’s letters from the first World War. The letters will be posted exactly 90 years after they were written. To find out Harry’s fate, follow the blog!

Putting people first » Scientist: ‘Hybrid’ computers will meld living brains with technology
Charles Higgins, an associate professor at the University of Arizona, has built a robot that is guided by the brain and eyes of a moth. Higgins told Computerworld that he basically straps a hawk moth to the robot and then puts electrodes in neurons that deal with sight in the moth’s brain. Then the robot responds to what the moth is seeing — when something approaches the moth, the robot moves out of the way.

asimov.jpgIsaac Asimov on Global Warming
The first thing about the above video that's amazing to me is that Isaac Asimov is talking about global warming as a threat to humanity back in 1989. Keep in mind that this was before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. At that point in time the main concern with most folks was nuclear war, for example Carl Sagan talked about this in his epic TV series Cosmos.

Auf dem Weg in den autoritären Staat
Am 9. November 2007 hat der Deutsche Bundestag gegen die Stimmen aller Oppositionsparteien das Gesetz zur Neuregelung der Telekommunikationsüberwachung und anderer verdeckter Ermittlungsmaßnahmen sowie zur Umsetzung der Richtlinie 2006/24/EG beschlossen, am 30. November 2007 folgte die Zustimmung des Bundesrats. Mit der Umsetzung der Richtlinie 2006/24/EG ist die Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Deutschland eingeführt, deren wesentliche Regelungen am 1. Januar 2008 in Kraft treten.

Neil Gaiman Discusses H. P. Lovecraft

Alienware Curved Monitor Looks Like It’s From Another Planet
The sighting: We can’t have one of these Alienware curved monitors until the second half of this year, but until then, we’ve been abducted by its four nearly seamless and sharp screens of DLP goodness. Lit by LEDs, this 2880×900 monster is well over three feet wide and is said to have an other-worldly .02ms response time, great for gaming.

Atari Archives makes books, information, and software for Atari and other classic computers available on the Web. Everything here is available with permission of the copyright holders.

Skyscraper Airport for City of Tomorrow
WHAT the metropolitan skyport of tomorrow may look like, as conceived by Nicholas DeSantis, New York commercial artist, is shown in the illustration below. His remarkable proposal, embodied in a model that he has completed after five years’ study of the project, calls for a 200-story building capped by an airplane field eight city blocks long and three blocks wide. A lower level of his “aerotrop-olis,” as he has named it, offers a port for lighter-than-air craft. Hangars for planes and airships occupy the top fifty floors.

TRON-style glow lamp
A very well-done and entertaining Instructable on creating a TRON (Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc.) luminescent circuit trace lamp.

Video Game Memorabilia Museum
Brett Martin’s Collection

Warum Hacker sich als Bürgerrechtler verstehen
Eigentlich ist das Treffen des Chaos Computer Club ein Fachkongress für Hacker, Freaks und kreative Programmierer. Doch die Datendiebe von einst kämpfen heute für Freiheit in der digitalen Welt. Die Hacker protestieren gegen die immer stärkeren Eingriffe des Staates in die Privatsphäre von Computernutzern.

GM will in 10 Jahren die ersten fahrerlosen Autos anbieten
Der US-Autokonzern General Motors beabsichtigt, bis 2015 das erste fahrerlose Auto zum Testen entwickelt zu haben. 2018 soll es dann bereits auf dem Markt angeboten werden.

Forty-foot tall fire-breathing Robosaurus for sale
Wanted: good home for 31-ton robotic dinosaur, completely up-to-date on all immunizations and oil changes. This frisky 40-foot tall, fire-breathing bot answers to the name Robosaurus, and a traumatic youth spent crushing cars in front of thousands of rednecks means this guy needs a lot of love and attention — along with plenty of open space to graze. All manuals, kits, and accessories are included with adoption, although new owner will assume responsibility for any damage caused by Robo’s jaws and their 20,000 pounds of crushing force.