Links vom 1. 1. 2008: 20%-Sales Drop, Tim Burtons Hänsel und Gretel, 2020 und das Rätsel des Universums


The RIAA Will Die in 2008
Couple bits of news have gone without much notice in 2007 that have to me signaled that the end is near for the music gestapo.

Ho-ho-horrible: album sales plunge 20 percent this Christmas
To some music lovers, the fact that Josh Groban's Noel was the highest-selling album of 2007 is all the proof they need that major-label music is dying. To shareholders and label execs, though, the numbers are more important, and the numbers are grim: music sales are down 21 percent this Christmas season.
Variety has the latest music numbers from Nielsen Soundscan on music sales from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. In 2007, 83.9 million albums were sold, down 21.4 million from last year. A 20 percent drop in sales is more than a blip; it's serious trouble.


Finishing the Game
Finishing The Game, in which filmmaker Justin Lin, takes a humorous look at the period after Bruce’s untimely death with the search for a replacement star that could fill the void.

Hansel and Gretel: The Tim Burton Movie You’ve Never Seen
Before BeetleJuice, Batman, Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, and Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton directed a modern gothic violent retelling of Hansel and Gretel. Never heard of it before? I assure you, It exists. Although very little evidence can be found. And if you haven’t seen it, you likely never will.
Filmed for $116,000 on 16mm, this live-action short film featured a cast of amateur Japanese actors, kung fu fights and Japanese toys, as Burton was obsessed with Japanese culture at the time of production.

Be Kind Rewind Movie Studio to Open in New York City
Michel Gondry’s upcoming film Be Kind Rewind is anything but conventional, and the upcoming marketing efforts are anything but normal. Gondry will be taking over downtown New York’s Deitch Projects, transforming the Soho art gallery into a “Sweeding movie studio” from January 24th to March 1st.

We Like Bad Movies
Another behind the scenes look at Something Weird from Evening Magazine circa 1992. Mike couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Godmonster of Indian Flats, hear why. What were the people who made these movies thinking?

AICN: Interview mit David Fincher
Mr. Fincher talked for nearly 40 minutes about everything from ALIEN 3 to the movement of his upcoming projects. I hope you guys enjoy the read on this final day of the year 2007.

The Adventures of Jean Luc Picard
If you've ever wondered what Jean Luc Picard does to get away from his hectic life as a Star Fleet Captain you've come to the right place! To get away from the hustle and bustle of the Enterprise Jean Luc likes take off in his little green mean Captain's Yacht and go sightseeing! Here are some photos of Jean Luc's recent explorations.


Stan Zienka of Attik
The first would be San Francisco-based Stan Zienka, design director of branding and design agency Attik. And no, we are not showing their commercial works now - especially for PingMag, Stan let his mind run wild and made some fine experimental graphics

The Guro Art of Trevor Brown (NSFW)
Viewing Trevor Brown’s work requires an open mind. You can enjoy more of his Erotic, fetish, disturbing, graphic, provoking, nearly offensive, sometimes perverted but extremely fascinating art of Trevor Brown after the jump.

13 MAD-Magazine Fold Ins


2020 - Ein medialer Traum zu Neujahr
Die Nachricht auf meinem Tablet-PC ist nicht gerade eine Hilfe für meine Kopfschmerzen. Mein Auto ist gesperrt, weil ich mein Co2-Konto überzogen habe. Mist. 2020 fängt ja gut an. Sollte ich mich lieber krank melden? Ich will nicht S-Bahn fahren.
Es wäre die Hölle, seitdem Bild die Printausgabe eingestellt hat und stattdessen die Info-Screens in den S-Bahn-Sitzen und die interaktiven Plakatwände an den Haltestellen okkupiert und das dort implementierte Programm zur Gesichtserkennung eine mehrheitsfähige Newsauswahl samt passender Werbeeinblendungen aufspielt und mit fortlaufendem Eyetracking anpasst.

Und so.

The Forgotten Sound Mirrors
From 1915 onwards these huge eerie concrete structures started popping up along the uk coast, all built with one purpose: to provide the military with an early warning system in relation to incoming aircraft. their construction was pretty much limited to the uk and arrived just before radar technology as we know it became widespread.

25 Jahre Wassereffekte in Spielen

Inside the Tokyo Traffic Control Center
Tokyo traffic can be crazy. Perhaps not as crazy as it is frustrating, but it’s certainly a lot easier to get through the mess on a Monkey rather than in a car. However, despite our gripes about traffic lights that seem very poorly timed, it turns out that the entire system is much more centralized than we could have imagined.

Stranger than fiction: parallel universes beguile science
Is the universe -- correction: "our" universe -- no more than a speck of cosmic dust amid an infinite number of parallel worlds? A staple of mind-bending science fiction, the possibility of multiple universes has long intrigued hard-nosed physicists, mathematicians and cosmologists too. We may not be able -- at least not yet -- to prove they exist, many serious scientists say, but there are plenty of reasons to think that parallel dimensions are more than figments of eggheaded imagination.

Was Einstein noch nicht wusste Das Rätsel des Universums
Brian Greene, Physiker und Bestsellerautor mit Entertainerqualitäten, stellt in dieser faszinierenden 3-teiligen Dokumentationsreihe eine der aufregendsten Ideen vor, die der menschliche Geist je erdacht hat - die lange gesuchte "Theorie von Allem", die so genannte "Weltformel".

Superconductivity - Creating a New State of Matter
Watch how liquid nitrogen is turned into a superconductor - the Meisner effect, resulting in two magnetic fields and the illusion of anti-gravity.

ISPs And P2Ps Cooperate to Increase the Speed of Sharing
Researchers at Yale University say they can help ISPs reduce P2P bandwidth by 60 percent, assuming their lab results translate to the real world. The system increases P2P transfer speeds by nearly a third by matching peers based on location. In January, Verizon and the file sharing network Pando will deploy the system in the U.S., while AT&T and the Spanish ISP Telefonica are said to be implementing it soon.

Wie viel Staat braucht das Land?
Privatisierung und Liberalisierung - diese Schlagworte standen einmal für mehr Wettbewerb bei Bahn und Post, bei Energieversorgern und Kommunalbetrieben. Doch nicht immer sind die Leistungen billiger und besser geworden. Bei vielen Politikern hat deshalb ein Umdenken begonnen.

The Evolution of Mario

Operation Heiße Luft
Der angeblich "riesige Kinderporno-Skandal" unter dem Code-Namen "Operation Himmel" hat sich als Operation Heiße Luft erwiesen. Das Reizwort "Kinderpornografie" verführt deutsche Medien häufig zu einer kruden Mixtur aus Halbwahrheiten, urbanen Märchen und glatten Falschmeldungen

Space rock on way, but don't panic yet
SCIENTISTS have identified an asteroid that has a faint chance of ploughing into the Earth, leaving a two-kilometre-wide crater and wiping out life for 6000 square kilometres. The asteroid measures 130 metres across and is travelling at 70,000 km/h. It would cause huge devastation if it hit the planet. Called 2007 VK184, the space rock is 90 million kilometres from Earth and could hit in 2048. It has earned a rare hazard rating of "one" on the Torino scale, the international barometer of space object impact risk.

Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge
PERHAPS Ponce de Leon kept too far south in his search for the Fountain of Youth. He might have headed to Coney Island and there made himself young riding on a carousel, or a roller coaster, if a medical theory recently advanced is true—that, since old age is our final yielding to the inevitable, resistless pull of gravity, it is necessary only to overcome gravity and you overcome all that brings you down to earth. In describing trips to other planets, writers of science fiction have pictured the space travelers first crushed under intolerable weight during a few moments of ascent from the earth; then overwhelmed by a feeling of lightness, when all weight disappears. Indeed, there has been fear that too little gravity might have injurious effects on our bodies, unaccustomed to such a weightless condition; and that it would be as necessary to supply artificial gravity in a space ship as it would be to supply artificial air. However, no one seems to doubt that on the moon, or on Mars, freedom from the weariness of earthly weight would be pleasant.

The Machines of the Isle of Nantes
The Isle of Nantes isn't really an island, but rather a former shipyard turned into a cultural exhibit where mechanical animals are the main attraction. The big one right now is a gigantic (triple-sized?) elephant with built-in howdah but there are other animals as well, including a very creepy squid.

Ken Miller on Intelligent Design
Ken Miller's talk on Intelligent Design at Case Western University. Ken Miller basically rips Intelligent Design apart in a 2 hour long exposé of the claims of intelligent design and the tactics that creationists employ to get it shoehorned into the American school system.

Strange new book explores robot love
Here's a prediction that'll make you squirm: In the future, people will fall in love with robots. Robots will not be cold, predictable machines, but actual lovers - precocious, sexy and remarkably humanlike in appearance. Humans will even marry robots in certain obliging jurisdictions. Now send the kids into the other room while we mention the obvious, bizarre implication: Someday, people will have sex with robots.

The Top 10 New Organisms of 2007
Genetic engineering isn't just for scientists in ivory towers or corporate R&D labs anymore. Researchers are still creating new mice and crops every week, but the tools and knowledge necessary to create organisms never before seen on Earth have pushed out to pet breeders, artists and college kids.

Chaosradio: Retrofuturismus
Eine Diskussion über die Vergangenheit und Zukunft der Zukunft

Vom Schüren der Ausländer- und von der Beschwörung der Inländerfeindlichkeit
Der brutale Überfall auf den Rentner in München wird von Koch, Beckstein oder Kauda instrumentalisiert und rückt sie in die braune Ecke, in der das Gleiche nur ein klein wenig deutlicher gesagt wird

Creeping Fascism: From Nazi Germany to Post 9/11 America
Americans today are seeing the same sheepish submissiveness that characterized Germany after the burning of the Reichstag.

Giuliani Surrogate: Rudy Will 'Chase Muslims Back To Their Caves'
John Deady, a designated surrogate for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, and a leader with a group called "Veterans for Rudy," was caught on video making some jaw-dropping comments about Muslims.

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