Links vom 29. 12. 2007: Der erste Frankenstein, Zach Braff, Drum Machine Ring und die Sexbots


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The long lost Thomas Edison „Frankenstein“-Movie
the long-lost first film of Frankenstein, produced by Thomas Edison's studio in 1910. An interesting document in its own right, it is also an example of the ways censorship does not merely suppress art, but influences the shape of the art that does appear.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull LEGO Spoilers
Photos of the upcoming Indiana Jones LEGO sets have been released, giving us an indication of what to expect from the high concept tentpole action sequences in the new film. But be warned, Crystal Skull spoilers are abound. Continue at your own risk.

Zach Braff Quotes
"I mean, I'm a writer, actor, AND director. Not to rock the boat or anything, but compare that to a carpenter and, in the end, who is the better man?" - Zach Braff on Jesus

Cool Stuff: Nintendo Wii Clerks Mod
Ramon Stokes spent 60 hours creating this custom modified Clerks-themed Nintendo Wii. Stokes’ company Morphon Mods was commissioned by Smith’s friends “Ken, Zak and Joey” to create the Wii as a Christmas Gift for the Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith.

Top 10 Most Disgusting Scenes in American Cinema

James Bond Stamps
Diamonds are forever . . . and so is this classic James Bond cover. The design, stylish simple to compliment the colourful stamps, shows luscious diamonds cascading before the faintest hint of a gun barrel. The cover is postmarked at Mayfair, when James Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, was born - and you will see dice in the postmark, in keeping with the latest Bond film, Casino Royale.



Humanoid robot drawing portraits
When the robot recognizes a face in its field of view, it first grabs a snapshot of this face and extracts the relevant features and contours characterizing it. The robot then grabs a pen and start drawing the user's portrait, starting from the rough contours and adding details iteratively.

Surreal Monuments in former Yugoslavia
In »SPOMENIK / The End of History« Jan Kempenaers portrays monuments raised by the communist regime in former Yugoslavia.

Bill McMullens Drum Machine Ring


The Sex Singularity - When Machines Surpass Human Hotness
2007 - Several top roboticists, materials engineers, and SFX modelmakers are hired away to work for a secretive startup based in Las Vegas, and disappear from all professional correspondence.
2009 - The startup, Pygmalion Systems, Inc., ends speculation by introducing its first product: the Supermod Doll. This stunningly beautiful, sexbot features three self-lubricating, removable-core orifices, and can autonomously navigate most indoor environments. It understands over 60 voice commands, and performs over 20 sex acts and positions. An internal battery heats and powers the bot for up to 45 minutes in between charges. Retail price: $5000.
Sony acknowledges the existence of its Comfort Robotics program, which has been working on sexbots for six years. The company announces that it expects to bring its first sexbots to market by 2011.

Und so.

Russian Vintage Robots

Space Shuttle Concept Art from 1971
Imagine a spacecraft that carries 12 passengers and lands as easily as an airplane. It will be ferrying back and forth to space by the late 1970's. And if the future is like the present, Tang will be in its galley

How to copyright Michelangelo
Some of the world's greatest artworks are turning into copyrighted properties.Five hundred years ago, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Today, those images are copyrighted. How can ancient cultural icons become commercial properties, centuries after they fall into the public domain?
How this happened is a story that takes us from a Crusading Pope in the Borgias era, all the way to Bill Gates' mansion on the shores of Lake Washington.

End of Support for Netscape web browsers
AOL has a long history on the internet, being one of the first companies to really get people online. Throughout its lifetime, it has been involved with a number of high profile acquisitions, perhaps the largest of which was the 1999 acquisition of the Netscape Communications Corporation. Netscape was known to many as the thought leader in web browsing, and had developed a number of complementary pieces of software that allowed for a rich suite of internet tools.

Optimus Tactus Keyboard
Optimus Tactus does not have physical keys, which means there are no restrictions on their shape and size. Any part of the keyboard surface can be programmed to perform any function or to display any images.

giant airship hangars
One of Silicon Valley’s most famous landmarks, and possibly its only truly monumental one is under threat of demolition. The giant airship Hangar One at NASA’s Moffett Field, is one of America’s architectural treasures. Airship hangars were collectively the largest spaces ever built, larger than cathedrals and just as awe inspiring.

Metal Fingers in My Body: Interview with David Levy, Author of “Love + Sex With Robots”
What essentially human traits do you envision future sexbots changing forever?
I believe that sexbots will change our perceptions of human relationships, and in some ways we will become more demanding with respect to what we want from a human partner. This is not entirely a good thing. If someone has great sex with their robot, they will want the sex with their human partners to be great as well, which could lead to disappointment. On the other hand, sexbots will be excellent tutors, so people will be able to be taught the skills necessary in a great lover.

When Robot Programmers get bored