Links vom 26. 12. 2007: Anarchist Action Figure, Steampunkopedia und das Web 2008


Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2007: A Pie Chart

Pitchfork: Top 100 Tracks of 2007

Beatles Song Analysis
In 1989 the American musicologist Alan W. Pollack started to analyze the songs of the Beatles. He published his first results on internet. In 1991 — after he had finished the work on 28 songs — he bravely decided to do the whole lot of them. About ten years later, in 2000 he completed the analysis of the official Beatles' canon, consisting of 187 songs and 25 covers.


The Star Wars Holiday Special Site
This site was created as a labor of love in homage to the 25th anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired one time only on November 17th, 1978 and has been virtually lost ever since. The intent was to gather as much as there is to possibly know about the Holiday Special and document it in great detail, since this has never really been done before.

The Two-Hour Star Wars Holiday Special in only 5 Minutes

The Chopped Off Hands Of Star Wars
Welcome to what remains the only site on the Internet devoted to all the hands that get chopped off in the Star Wars saga. Enjoy it. Or don't. Either way is fine by me, really.

Empire Strikes Back: Christmas Toys from 1981
Shown above is page 496 from the 1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog, as you can see it was a great year to be a Star Wars fanboy!

List of Best Online Videos for 2007
While 2006 seemed like a banner year for online video, 2007 seemed to bring out a lot of pessimism that mainly revolved around the question of profitability. Also, the online video market continues to get saturated with content, just like old school blogging did. It seems like every blogger has some kind of podcast feed now. The word Youtube is synonymous with online video like Google is with internet search (scary?).


Banksy in Betlehem
Banksy statt Jesus: Dieses Jahr pilgern Kunstliebhaber nach Bethlehem. Der Grund: Street Artist Banksy und seine Freunde haben die Ausstellung “Santa’s Ghetto” organisiert.

Michael Namer on Finding the “Holy Grail of Graffiti”
This May, a giant mural, thought to contain work completed by Jean Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy, Futura 2000, and other street art icons before they were famous, saw the light of day after almost 30 years hidden behind Sheetrock in a kitchen and bathroom in an eight-story SoHo building. The huge piece is rendered in spray paint, glitter, marker, and whatever else the artists had on hand at the time and features a large red airplane bearing Fab 5 Freddy's tag in the center, as well as other tags, a yellow birthday cake, notes, and the names of the artists who contributed to the mural.

Alice in Wonderland
Illustrations other than Tenniel

Anarchist Action Figure
US-Künstler Packard Jennings hat, passend zur Weihnachtszeit, “Anarchist Action Figures” hergestellt und in zahlreichen Kaufhäusern in San Francisco verteilt - sein “Black Block”-Buddy hat eine Gasmaske, einen Benzinkanister und zwei Molotowcocktails in Serienanfertigung - und yeah, sieht sehr, sehr böse aus!

Shop Dropping
SHOPDROP: To covertly place merchandise on display in a store. Primarily used in tactical media projects and art installations. A form of "culture jamming" s. reverse shoplift, droplift.

Und so.

Welcome to STEAMPUNKOPEDIA, the improved and rearranged steampunk resource site. STEAMPUNKOPEDIA is the international section of Polish RETROSTACJA, probably the world's largest steampunk website (over 200 pages, operating since 2002).

Tetris Mastery: Video Clips To Make You Feel Inadequate
Tetris is one of those classic games that is simple to learn, but very difficult to master. The game has gone through many iterations over the last two decades, but people all around the world are still devoted to the game and developing new skills to show off. Inspired by this forum post by Radarscope1, I wanted to show off some of the most impressive Tetris videos that will make you seriously doubt your own abilities as a gamer.

Japanese Curry Flavoured Lemonade
As if all the drinking excess of the holiday season isn’t enough, here’s one drink that might “soothe” your palate (yeah right!).

Gukanjima is an island near the westernmost shore of Japan.
It is an island built upon a reef in the early 19th century because of a coal mine in the reefs and quickly became a densely populated island 1 km in diameter and 5300 people living packed together, working the mines. In 1974, the mine has been emptied and people living in the island have deserted it, leaving everything behind, turning the island to a post-apocalyptic movie scene.

Encyclopedia Astronautica
The Encyclopedia Astronautica is the single most comprehensive reference for the history of spaceflight. It is a proven and reliable source endorsed by the Encyclopedia Britannica, library associations, NASA, the world's major newspapers and television networks, Internet guides, and leading space writers and historians.

Vintage New York Architecture Photography

Online Shark Pictures Gallery
Welcome to the web's largest collection of shark pictures, This site is a collection of shark pictures take from all over the world and submitted by our visitors. The pictures are organized by shark species, and we currently have of 50 categories!

2008 Web Predictions
What Web applications and trends will make it big in 2008?