Links vom 22. 12. 07: Icke und Er, Michel Gondry, R.I.P. Borat und Weihnachten mit We are Scientists

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Icke & Er - Live aus Berlin

British Experts Predict 2008's Breakouts
Guardian's gone and asked nine music on the other side of the Atlantic about the artists most likely to make some noise in '08, and we've assembled 'em here with some illustrative links so you can see what they're on about.


Brand upon the Brain
On this blahg you will see many hundreds of rock band logos, heavy metal mascots, punk rock logos, classic rock icons, experimental / industrial music emblems, and others. By the time you’re done, you’ll never want to see another skull, cow, or peace sign ever again.

A Very Special We Are Scientists Christmas
Looks like We Are Scientists are having a bit of that problem within their ranks -- the plot pivots on hummus, whiskey, and an X-Twin Glider. Yes, that could also make one hell of a romance novel, but this is more about the "X" in Xmas, the anti-"Gift Of The Magi" and all that.

2008 Album Forecast


Be Kind Rewind Director Michel Gondry Forgoes Dreamy Plots for Straight-Up Comedy
"Michel is the most day-dreamy director I've worked with," says Black, who has acted under Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, and Richard Linklater — the cream of the kooky crop. "He'd stare into space, totally still, a strange new idea crystallizing in his brain, and then burst into action, shouting bizarre directions. Sometimes his passion would spill into tantrum mode. But he was always fun to be around. We were kids in a sandbox."

IT-Crowd from alternate Universes

Sacha Baron Cohen: Killing off Borat
He became a comedy sensation as the wannabe-gangsta-rapper Ali G by humiliating the people he interviewed. As Borat, the outrageously anti-Semitic, homophobic reporter from Kazakhstan he became a cultural icon while lampooning and offending virtually everyone he came across.
The intensely private comic actor readily admits he is more comfortable talking in the guise of the characters he has created, but unfortunately for him, both Ali G and Borat have had their day. Too many people know them and he reluctantly acknowledges that he can no longer retreat behind their personas.


Invaders from the Ice World!
Nothing says Silver Age DC like world conquering aliens from outer space that just so happen to look like buildings, dogs, motor vehicles and even the occasional innocent snowman!
In Strange Adventures #79 (April 1957) the story "Invaders from the Ice World" is an entry typical of that era of DC. It has the familiar plot featuring a generic Science Detective going up against an invading force that uses technology far in advance of Earth, is invulnerable to brute force and atomic weapons, yet who are beaten back by wits, brains and sometimes simple parlor tricks.

CG Sphere
The Sphere Project is a website dedicated to the evolution of technical and creative 3D sphere design. The sphere is arguably one of the most basic and fundamental primitives in computer graphics. Its uniformly curved structure allows for wide field of view coverage, as well as full diffuse tonal range shading. When reflective, its convex shape can reveal more of it’s surrounding environment than any other primitive, and when refractive it can bend surrounding light into a single concentrated caustic point. The sphere is an inherent form chaotically evident in nature and continually apparent in man-made designs. From the smallest atomic structures to the largest planetary globes, the sphere continues to be perhaps the most common geometric form in existence.

Und so.

The Best ‘Best of’ Lists of 2007
Without further ado, here’s a quick compilation of some of the most interesting 'Best of 2007' lists I’ve come across during the frantic media recap of ‘What Was in 07′, before the manic, mad dash to xmas seasonal insanity, and the consequent post-holiday crash into 2008.

Kreative Zerstörung
Vor etwa 540 Millionen entstanden nach einer langen, Milliarden Jahre währenden Latenz plötzlich eine Vielzahl neuer Arten, von denen allerdings viele bald wieder ausstarben. Vor dieser kambrischen Explosion gab es nur Tierarten ohne Innen- und Außenskelett, so dass eigentlich seit der kambrischen Explosion auch erst Fossilien gibt, weswegen die Zahl der "weichen" Arten vor dieser auch größer sein könnte, als man annimmt. Nach der kambrischen Explosion kam es vor 470 Millionen Jahren zu einer weiteren, noch größeren "Explosion" an Vielfalt des Lebens im mittleren Ordovizium Diese soll in Verbindung mit zahlreichen, auf die Erde eingeschlagenen Asteroiden stehen.

Die Jäger des verschlüsselten Schatzes
Gibt es etwas Spannenderes als eine verschlüsselte Nachricht aus dem 19. Jahrhundert, die bis heute nicht entziffert ist? Ja, das gibt es: zwei verschlüsselte Nachrichten aus dem 19. Jahrhundert, die nicht nur ungelöst sind, sondern obendrein das Versteck eines wertvollen Schatzes verraten könnten.