Links vom 13. 12. 07: Hair-Metal, Kung Fu Dance und verkleidete Japaner, die Football spielen


Led Zeppelin - 2007-12-10-O2 - Arena,London,UK (Full Show)

Die Ärzte bei Maischberger
Die Ärzte im Talk mit Sandra Maischberger auf n-tv irgendwann um 2003.

Hair-Metal Highlights
Wielding guitars, Aqua Net and mascara, they terrorized the land in the late Eighties. The outrageous fortunes of six hair bands.


Star Wars Fun Teil 1

Star Wars Fun Teil 2

Dance the Kung Fu!

Und so

Incredible planetarium projectors
For sheer baroque complexity of appearance, planetarium projectors are among the most amazing gizmos ever built. They range from enormous machines more than 20 ft. high to a soccer ball sized $300 home version.
Their purpose is a bizarre reversal of a large optical telescope, taking an internal view of the universe and projecting it on a dome, rather than creating a view from peering outside of one, but the aesthetic is somewhat similar. Another curious similarity is how much they look like some early satellites.

50 Top 10 Lists of 2007

SKoreans clone cats that glow in the dark
South Korean scientists have cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene, a procedure which could help develop treatments for human genetic diseases, officials said Wednesday. In a side-effect, the cloned cats glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet beams.

Man of the Monsters (May, 1947)
Here’s a genius who makes prehistoric monsters that “live.” SOME learned scientists and explorers are content to probe Mother Earth for moldy remnants of prehistoric monsters, but not George Harold Messmore. This energetic little man with big ideas and accomplishments to match simply built himself a dinosaur factory in the heart of New York and proceeded to turn out his own staggering array of life-size, breathing, eating, fighting, snarling, replicas of the huge creatures that roamed the earth long before man had a tail to hang by.

Wikipedia und Guantanamo
Kaum hat sich die Aufregung um anonyme und manipulative Beiträge in der Wikipedia etwas gelegt, wartet das Portal Wikileaks mit einem neuen Fall auf: Offenbar hat ein Angehöriger des US-Militärs versucht, Informationen über Guantanamo-Häftlinge aus der freien Online-Enzyklopädie zu löschen.

129a: Lesereise hinter Gitter
Wie die Telepolis-Autorin Heike Schrader ins Visier des Staatsschutzes geriet

Verkleidete Japaner spielen Football
This is what happens. When men dress in suits. And then start to hit each each other. On TV. In Japan.

Das Bubble2.0-Video wird Copyright-Fall: Copyright Claim Erases Parody Video From YouTube
A hit YouTube video that parodied Silicon Valley's Web 2.0 gold rush has been taken down, launching a freelance photographer and an amateur choral group into an internet-fueled copyright dispute.
The clever clip, produced by San Francisco Bay Area a cappella group Richter Scales, mixed original imagery with photos found online, all set to the bouncy tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." It garnered hundreds of thousands of views before it was taken down Tuesday by YouTube due to a copyright claim by a photographer who's image was used in the video.

Managergehälter reloaded
In 20 Jahren ist das Verhältnis der Bezüge der Vorstände von Dax30-Unternehmen zuden Mitarbeiterlöhnen vom 14-Fachen auf das 44-Fache gestiegen – bei der Deutschen Post auf das 87-Fache und bei Metro gar auf das 140-Fache

Monster 80s boomboxes
Here is a roundup of collectible boomboxes, currently being auctioned on ebay. The mannerist nature of 80s ghetto blasters could not be more different from today’s minimalist trends in consumer audio gear, lead by Sony and Apple. Because of this, these devices now look obviously obsolete and different and are starting to become collectors items.