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2000 Best Of Lists: 2007 Year-End Online Music Lists
2007 is winding down, and as "best of" music lists appear online I will post them here.

Live Music Revenues Could Exceed Music Sales
Two of the main trends in the music industry right now are the decline in music sales and the simultaneous increasing revenues from live music. Combine those two trends with the right data, and you can estimate when live music revenue will eclipse recorded music revenue, assuming current trends continue.

GBox: Digital Music Wishlists for Blogs and MySpace Profiles
The process fairly simple; you create an account, search for the music you want people to buy for you, add it to the widget, and then embed that anywhere HTML is used (custom code is available for Campusbug, Classmates, Friendster, MySpace, and myYearbook, or you can use the standard one). Each track runs the buyer $0.99.

EMI Could Sell Recorded Music Business to Google, Warner, or News Corp.
The smallest major record label, EMI, was acquired by Terra Firma earlier this year, and according to a document the company sent to potential investors, Terra Firma may be looking to get out of the recorded music business in 5 years.

Wal-Mart, Pepsi und bringen Major Labels in die Bredouille
In den USA wächst der Druck auf die großen Plattenfirmen, künftig digitale Musikstücke ohne Digital Rights Management (DRM) anzubieten. Wie das Musikbranchenblatt Billboard berichtet, habe der Einzelhändler Wal-Mart den Major Labels Warner Music Group und Sony BMG ein Ultimatum zugestellt, den Online-Musikladen mit DRM-freien MP3-Stücken zu beliefern.

EMI: Auf dem Boden der Tatsachen
Internet piracy has played its part in bringing down the major labels, but Edwards says the executives must share the blame. Born in the 1950s, the first pop record labels were small businesses run by tough, hard working owners. When mass music began to produce big profits in the 1970s, the labels were still controlled by founders - men like Chris Blackwell at Island Records, Chris Wright at Chrysalis and Richard Branson at Virgin Records. These were entrepreneurs, who had their own money invested in the business, understood how to control wayward artists and kept an eye on the costs.

Mein Traum: Musik online hören und kaufen
Als Musikhörer im Jahr 2007, der seine Einkäufe und Entdeckungen zum größten Teil online macht, ist das Leben nicht immer einfach. Es gibt tolle Angebote wie das Community-Portal, es gibt YouTube, eMusic und den Branchenprimus iTunes. Aber das Entdecken und Kaufen von Musik ist oftmals müßig.
Ich lese zum Beispiel etwas über ein neues Album auf einem Blog oder in einem Magazin. Ich schaue mir die Seite der Band an und besuche deren MySpace-Profil. Mit etwas Glück kann ich dort in ein paar Stücke des neuen Albums reinhören. Oder ich besuche den Luisterpaal. Sollte mir das Album gefallen, dann möchte ich es vielleicht kaufen. eMusic hat es noch nicht oder bekommt es auch nie. Tunetribe bietet diesen Künstler nur im WMA-Format, Bleep und Finetunes liefern keine Ergebnisse, akuma hat das Album auch nicht. iTunes hat zwar seit diesem Jahr iTunes Plus, nur leider nicht die Musik dieses Labels. Und wo bekomme ich das Album schließlich ohne Probleme? Als Torrent-Datei oder in einer Tauschbörse.


The Science of Sleep Disasterology Calendar
One of the coolest movies of last year came and went relatively fast, and was virtually unnoticed by mainstream audiences. I’m talking about The Science of Sleep, Michel Gondry’s quirky romantic dramedy about a young man, entranced by his dreams and imagination, who becomes lovestruck with a French woman and feels he can show her his world. If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly recommend you add it to your Netflix queue.

10 Things I like about Return of the Jedi
I consider Return of the Jedi to be the weakest of the original Star Wars movies, primarily because you can see the beginnings of the annoying cutesy shit that plagued the prequels even as far back as this. However, that's not to say the film isn't enjoyable—it's just not quite as good as the first two in my book. I mostly blame the Ewoks for this.

Embarrassing Movie Posters

Television History - The First 75 Years
Once you are inside a major time period, you will find photographs of television sets from around the world, year-by-year links to important facts, magazine covers and advertising. See examples of the world's first television sets, up to and including HDTV models.

Zerstört die Netzkultur den musikalischen Film?
Die aktuelle Netzkultur mit ihrer multimedialen Zerstückelung und Chaotisierung von Daten schwankt zwischen Einfalt und Vielfalt. Sie hat speziell das Medium Film und die Vorstellung von Filmmusik in einer Weise durcheinander gebracht und einer ästhetischen Trivialisierung unterzogen, die bisher noch nicht angemessen analysiert worden ist.

Star Wars Deleted Magic
STAR WARS DELETED MAGIC (2005?) is a version of STAR WARS (1977) that's full of filmed alternate takes, actors speaking through imperial soldier masks and c-3PO masks, and deleted scenes re-cut in according to early existing script drafts.

The Return of Max Headroom
Channel 4 is to bring back 1980s creation Max Headroom to front a series of TV ads to raise awareness of the digital switchover. The campaign, which breaks this Saturday, features Matt Frewer, the actor who played the original Max Headroom. Ads will feature Headroom criticising Channel 4, which created the stuttering digital host in the 1980s, for ignoring his vision of a digital future.


Brain visualized as an island map
The designers at New Zealand's Unit Seven created this New Brainland Map that visualizes and, er, maps out various neural regions. They used a reference photo of a human brain to model the 3D terrain.

Reissued German Educational Charts that were illustrated in the 1950s and 60s.

Und so.

AT-AT Gamecube mod
There are mods, and then there are works of art. Without question, the item you see above falls squarely into the latter category, and it's likely to give any devout Star Wars fan a chance at fainting upon first glance. The AT-AT Gamecube mod (also referred to as the AT-GC in some circles) was built a few years back, but now the proud creator has decided to cash out and let the highest bidder take ownership. (Danke Sebi!)

Dinosaurs Attack!
DINOSAURS ATTACK! is a 1988 collector card series from Topps containing 55 cards and 11 Stickers.