Links vom 26. 11. 07: 1000 Frames of Hitchcock, Scarlett Johansson Zombie und das Über-Computer-Poster


OK Go's LED Jackets
Rising star of modern design, Moritz Waldemeyer, is collaborating with the quirky kings of Geek Rock, OK Go, to fashion a new kind of stage performance. The band recently approached Waldemeyer to design the costumes for their latest performance, and his solution quite literally lights up the stage – thousands of LED lights, stitched into the jackets of the four performers, will turn each of them into a moving light show. Waldemeyer’s inspiration was the flickering lights of the slot machines in the casinos of Las Vegas.

DJ Moule - Le Boot de la Semaine
New boot of the week by the prolific and Mashup artist extrordinaire DJ Moule. 'Dig It On takes on a foursome containing the Chemical Brothers, T-Rex, Anne Lee, and Marvin Gaye. French Floor Filla.


Celebrity Star Wars
Photoshop Contest

1000 Frames of Hitchcock
"1000 Frames of Hitchcock" is an attempt to reduce each of the 52 available major Hitchcock films down to just 1000 frames.

Hitchcock Triple Feature
Though not as commonly known, Alfred Hitchcock's late British period is nonetheless an intriguing look at what delights were to come from his later work.
Secret Agent (1936), Young and Innocent (1937), Jamaica Inn (1939)

The Clash of the Titans Watch now
Discovery of the Atom - Development of Quantum Mechanics
The Key to the Cosmos Watch now
Radioactivity - the Atom Bomb - the Big Bang - Why are we here? - How were we made?
The Illusion of Reality Watch now
Parallel universes - Different versions of us exist - Empty space isn't empty at all - Differences in our perception of the world in the universe and the reality.


Evan Perry’s Hyper-Realistic Sculptures
Evan Penny’s eccentric portraiture transforms the figurative tradition into contemporary observations on the nature of representation. His lifelike sculptures and photographs tantalize us with vivid allusions to reality, while emphatically affirming their fictional demeanor. When faced with one of Penny’s incredible people, we may not believe what we see.

Vintage Ads

How To Change Scarlett Johansson Into A Zombie
Photoshop Timelapse Video. Meine Zombies sind immer noch besser. Celebrity Zombies! Muss ich mal drüber nachdenken.

Logo R.I.P.
In todays ruthless business environment, corporations face uncertain futures. The forces of globalisation are creating unprecedented change. Yet apart from the displacement, downsizing and elimination of the workforce, the other casualities are the visual manifestations of the company: its logo, or trademark. Logo RIP is a commemoration of logos withdrawn from the ocular landscape.

Stelar C Muscle Mashine
The Muscle Machine is a six-legged walking robot, five metres in diameter. It is a hybrid human-machine system, pneumatically powered using fluidic muscle actuators. The rubber muscles contract when inflated, and extend when exhausted. This results in a more flexible and compliant mechanism, using a more reliable and robust engineering design.

User Experience Of The Future
We’ve got used to a number of things. To traditional mouse-keyboard user interaction, to 2D windows-based user interface and to a rather unspectacular user’s workflow which enables one user interact with only one application at a time. For instance, while you’re browsing in your web browser you can’t scale your text and resize your window simultaneously — unless you are a keyboard-shortcut-master.
Good news: it can be different. Below we present some of the outstanding recent developments in the field of user experience design. Most techniques may seem very futuristic, but they are reality. And in fact, they are extremely impressive. Keep in mind: they can become ubiquitous over the next years.

Adams Wallpapers

Und so.

Das Poster „PC-Geschichte bzw. Computergeschichte“ wurde bereits zweimal im Jahre 1997 (20 Jahre PC) und 2002 (25 Jahre PC) produziert und sehr erfolgreich aufgelegt. In diesem Jahr feiert der PC nun seinen 30. Geburtstag und es wird ein neues erweitertes Poster erstellt, welches auf der Basis des bereits vorhandenen Posters "25 Jahre PC-Geschichte“ basiert.

Human observation of dark energy may shorten the life span of the universe
Could humanity's observation of dark energy have shortened the life span of the universe? The answer is "yes" according to the author of a new scientific paper that has recently come to light. Featured in the latest edition of New Scientist magazine, the subscriber-only story, "Has observing the universe hastened its end?", discusses the paper and its claims.


Star Craft: The Story so far
Die Terraner reisten das erste Mal in die Tiefen der Galaxie, als eine Navigationsfehlfunktion ihre automatisierten Kolonieschiffe vom Kurs abbrachte. Die Schiffe verfehlten ihr geplantes Ziel und erlitten auf drei weit zerstreuten Welten des Koprulu-Sektors Bruchlandungen.
Über mehrere Jahrzehnte hinweg etablierten die Terraner Kolonien, breiteten sich auf weitere Planeten aus und gerieten miteinander in Konflikt. In dem Jahrzehnt nach dem Ende der Gildenkriege hatte die Terranische Konföderation die unangefochtene Vormachtstellung über den Kolonialraum.
Die terranischen Kolonien wurden sich das erste Mal bewusst, dass sie nicht allein im Universum sind, als eine schimmernde Flotte von Kriegsschiffen der Protoss unvermittelt über der Konföderationswelt Chau Sara auftauchte. Die hochentwickelten, fremdartigen Schiffe äscherten die Oberfläche des Planeten ohne Vorwarnung ein.

Russia to build new cosmodrome on home soil
Russia will build a new cosmodrome on its own territory capable of handling human spaceflight, Russian media reports. President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that clears the way for the construction of the new cosmodrome which will begin hosting launches in 2015.
The launch centre, in Russia's Far East region of Amur, will be called Vostochny, said, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. It would be Russia's first launch centre for manned missions on its own territory.

6 Incredible Ocean-Going Hotels from Around the World
Here are six hotels that are perfectly designed for the nautically inclined.

History of Medicine Collection
Planet Tyler's Flickr photoset contains some of the wonderful things found in University of Buffalo's History of Medicine Collection such as the Oxypathor, electric chest and lung protector, and this 1861 Illustrated Manual of Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy.

Raubkopierer sind Terroristen
Am 30. November wird der Bundesrat wieder zusammentreten. Dann wird auch das Gesetz zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung zur Abstimmung vorgelegt. Es ist zu erwarten, dass die Großkoalitionäre dem Gesetzesentwurf zustimmen werden. Eine Empfehlung des Rechtsausschuss des Bundesrates fordert indes sogar eine Ergänzung des Gesetzes, die auch eine zivilrechtliche Auskunft über die Bestandsdaten ermöglichen soll. Der Hintergrund ist, dass die Lobbyvertreter der Software-, Film- und Musikindustrie gerne in einem noch höheren Maße rechtlich gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen, d.h. “Raubkopien” über Tauschbörsen, vorgehen würden.

Doom 3 Case Mod