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Yeah: Streit um YouTube-Clip: Mutter verklagt Plattenfirma
Weil Universal Music einen Videoclip entfernen ließ, in dem ihr kleiner Sohn zu einem Prince-Song herumhüpft, hat eine Frau die Plattenfirma verklagt.

Die 50 besten Alben des Jahrtausends…..bisher
GIGWISE hat die bisher 50 besten Platten des Jahrtausends zusammengetragen. Also die der letzten sieben Jahre.

Music Photo Archive


Darwin's Dangerous Idea 1 - 2
Great Transformations Watch now
Why Sex Watch now
The Mind's Big Bang Watch now
What About God Watch now

1967 Star Trek Rocket Pistol
Dude is selling two extremely rare vintage Star Trek Rocket Pistol toys.

Sneaker gesucht!
Bundesweit zählt sie zu den bestbesuchten, und sie ist nicht nur bei Hannovers Filmfans äußerst beliebt, sondern auch bei den Internetpiraten der Gruppe LEX. Die Rede ist von der Sneak im hannoverschen Cinemaxx am Raschplatz, wo jeden Mittwochabend ein sogenannter Überraschungsfilm meist Wochen vor seinem eigentlichen Bundesstart gezeigt wird. Was auch für die Leute von LEX natürlich höchst interessant ist, weil sie dann im Kino den Ton des Films illegal aufnehmen können. Auf diese Weise wird anschließend aus einer englischsprachigen Raubkopie eine deutschsprachige, was deren Reiz und Wert auf dem deutschen Markt erheblich erhöht. Man guckt bei uns halt lieber Deutsch.


James Nachtwey Photography

Birth of a Gadget: Inside the Industrial Design Process
Gadgets aren't immaculately conceived, in spite of what seems like lightning-speed development. That new gizmo you'll love (or hate) for a few months before discarding received countless hours of attention and forethought from a sizable team of designers, engineers and researchers.

10 Ways Design Can Fight Climate Change
Perhaps the most important note about this manifesto, is the knowledge that there is something that they can do with every project, every client, every day, to lighten their footprint and help fight global warming. And that’s a lesson we can all take something from.

People Pictures
The Art of the Conceptual Photograph 1915 – 1920

The Nocturne Gallery
Our newly expanded gallery features night photographers (from as far afield as Spain . . . and Seattle!) who have done outstanding work in this field. Some, including Bay Area Educator/Mentor Steve Harper participated in the original exhibit, The Nocturnes (1991, curated by our own Tim Baskerville), some are professional or commercial photographers, some are exhibiting artists, and some are amateurs with a serious nocturnal photography habit.

Grand Comicbook Database Project
The Grand Comicbook Database Project (GCD) is a volunteer project with the stated goal to document and index all comic books for the free use of scholars, historians, researchers, and fans of all types. 150,000 covers available and 300,000 books in the database.


Als ich dabei war wie deutscher Punkrock entstand
Für manche Menschen ist Musik das, was aus dem Radio kommt. Okay, vielleicht hier und da noch ein Klingelton, oder eine Werbemelodie aus dem Fernsehen, aber das war es dann auch schon. Für mich sind solche Menschen komisch.
Ich weiß nicht in welcher Phase des Lebens bestimmt wird, in welche Richtung man sich musikalisch entwickelt, oder ob man sich überhaupt näher für Musik interessiert, vielleicht sogar selber welche macht. Ich kann mir nur denken wann dies alles bei mir entschieden wurde. Und das war, als ich dabei war wie deutscher Punkrock entstand.

Und so.

Nintendo Wii Lightsaber
Simply slip your Wii Remote into the handle and press the on button to instantly power up your light sword, the power up and down effect is done gradually until the light sword is at its full length.

Six things to be thankful for in technology, 2007
Ars is offering up a list of events and developments in 2007 that we think fellow geeks should be thankful for.

The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush
Each girl represents a special interest group or corporation that has profited from Bush being in power. The calendar is topical, environmentally friendly, and 25% of the profits are going to watchdog organizations that monitor corporate influence over our government.

World's first cubic touchscreen computer games platform
Featuring a unique ultra-bright (even in daylight) full-colour cubic screen and a unique cubic multitouch touchscreen technology (patent pending) this games platform has been programmed to implement various multi-dimensional games, puzzles, and lighting effects.

Computer Stupidities
The following is a large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users. It's a baffling phenomenon that in today's society an individual, who might in other circumstances be considered smart and wise, can sit down in front of a computer screen and instantly lose every last shred of common sense he ever possessed.

Atari Games RIP: Atari bows out of development race
Two big announcements from Atari today, as the company has announced that it will be stepping out of the game development business to focus solely on publishing.

Giant Jellyfish attack Japan (again)!
This crazy photo from the Yomiuri Shimbun shows a diver swimming amongst a swarm of giant jellyfish. These giant sea blobs, known as Echizen kurage (Nomura’s jellyfish), inflict heavy damage on Japanese fisheries in the Sea of Japan each year.
This year’s invasion appears to be in full swing. The number of jellyfish has risen dramatically off the coast of Maizuru in Kyoto prefecture since Typhoon No. 13 passed over the Sea of Japan in mid-September.
Thousands of the giant jellyfish, which can grow up to 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) in diameter and weigh up to 200 kg (440 lb), become caught in fixed fishing nets each year.

Jellyfish attack destroys salmon
A jellyfish invasion has wiped out Northern Ireland's only salmon farm, killing more than 100,000 fish.

A history of television hijacking.
During the 70s and 80s a new phenomenon appeared. Television Hijacking. It started in 1977 when a man in England hijacked the sound broadcast of a newscast. In 1986, a hijacker known as Captain Midnight hijacked HBO in response to their scrambling of television signals. The year after (20 years ago as of today), a character disguised as Max Headroom (a television character) infiltrated two Chicago television studios in one night. First the man infiltrated Channel 9 (WGN) for a few seconds with no sound, and then moved on to attack another Chicago station, this time with sound. After the Max Headroom incident, television hacking incidents were rare in the United States except for this one in Wyoming.

The Old Moscow