Links vom 20. 11. 07: Beatles Podcast, Pop Surrealism, Womens Space Station und das Akira-Elektro-Motorrad


Radioheads Thumbs Down
Der Webcast von neulich als Download.

Pitchfork Column: Poptimist #10 - Britney in the Black Lodge (Damn Fine Album)
Was Britney Spears und Twin Peaks gemeinsam haben: David Lynch and Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks" begins with the discovery of a body and spends 30-odd episodes on the trail of a soul, both belonging Laura Palmer, a prom queen of dazzling smile and doubtful habits. The show's most intense moments happen in a strange spirit-world, a red-draped room where a dwarf converses and dances with a pallid, marble-eyed eidolon of Palmer. Their voices are backwards-looped and treated, their dances a jerky shuffle, all adding to a sense of mocking evil that the rest of the show never tries hard to shake.
On one level Palmer's story is a cliché-- sour secrets of the suburban everygirl, virginal beauty off the rails-- but it's a cliché we seem to have an endless appetite for: Witness the fascination with Britney Spears and her messy life.

First Beatles Podcast
To celebrate the DVD release of “Help!”, which was on November 6, the first ever Beatles podcast has been created. The podcast is narrated by Michael Palin, and so far there are two parts available to listen to. A third part will be released shortly!


20th Century Fox Having Bad Reviews Pulled Off Youtube
Just when you think studios couldn’t act worse… they just keep on surprising you! I’ve just been notified by YouTube that 20th Century Fox has just filed a copyright infringement notice with them to have our review of the ass awful film “Reno 911: Miami” taken off their site and deleted. And before you ask… yes… the review was a negative one.
It is curious that they are claiming copyright infringement. As most of you know, in our video reviews we will cut in clips from the trailers of the movies we’re discussing. Trailers that are made publicly available by the studios for anyone, anywhere to download at anytime. on top of that, according to Stanford’s website, “Fair Use” of material is covered under the category of “COMMENTARY AND CRITICISM”.


Hula Hoop Dome
One thousand PVC hula hoops have been used to make the Storefront Ring Dome Pavilion in Petrosino Park, in New York. The $3000 structure was built to mark the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s 25th anniversary, and was designed by Seoul-based practice Mass Studies.

The WordPress Help Sheet
The WordPress Help Sheet includes the following:
Basic Template Files
PHP Snippets for the Header
PHP Snippets for the Templates
And Extra Stuff for WordPress

What is Pop Surrealism?
In an attempt to explain the art movement Pop Surrealism, Kirsten Anderson, the owner of Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, gives us her perspectives by firstly differentiating between both Pop Surrealism/Lowbrow terms. From a really interesting interview in My Art Space….
„When I first got involved with this movement a decade ago it was called “Lowbrow”. That term was used by Robert Williams to describe his own work and the work of the artists who sort of orbited him. It was meant tongue-in-cheek, but also it stayed in usage because it unapologetically stated that this art was not trying to appeal to overly academic art critics.“

Free Design Stuff
For the lazy Designer

Und so.

Womens Day Outer-Space-Station
The item I write of is an "Outer-Space Station," created by the folks at Woman's Day, and featured in the pages of that magazine as a creative project that parents could build for their children. While the playset bore no definite connection to the Star Wars universe--and, in fact, it was not endorsed by Lucasfilm--the photos of it that appeared in Woman's Day were riddled with Kenner Star Wars figures, presumably so that readers would gain a feeling for how the toy could be used.

Warum mit den "Killerspielen" auch Werte verteidigt werden.
Die Debatte um so genannte "Killerspiele" auf Computern und Spielkonsolen und die Forderungen nach einem Verbot jener haben zu verhärteten Fronten zwischen Spielegegnern in etablierten Medien, Politik und konservativen Forscherkreisen einerseits und Spielern und Unterhaltungsindustrie andererseits geführt.

Disneys Highway of the Future: The Road Ahead from Magic Highway USA
It is with great pleasure that I am finally able to present the video of "The Road Ahead" segment from the 1958 Disneyland episode Magic Highway USA. I provided background on this nifty piece of 1950s futurism in the posts The Road Ahead and Another Drive Down the Road Ahead.

Unwissend, verlogen, heuchlerisch – und stolz darauf?
Im Bereich Onlinedurchsuchung und Vorratsdatenspeicherung bestätigt die SPD derzeit nicht nur alle Vorurteile gegenüber Politikern, sie scheint hierfür auch noch ein Lob erhalten zu wollen

Die neue Geheimdienstpolizei
Das Bundeskriminalamt greift systematisch auf Stasi-Unterlagen zurück: Was für Ermittler "nicht unüblich" ist, bezeichnen Juristen als Gefahr für den Rechtstaat

Dawn of the Computer Era
Do you have any nostalgia about the days when computers were big and slow? Now the size, appearance and speed of first computers seem to be lame but it was not always the case!

Virtuelle Verbrecherjagd
Im Kampf gegen Internetkriminalität richtet Hessen als erstes Bundesland flächendeckend spezielle Kommissariate ein. Experten sollen nicht nur Delikte im Internet aufklären, sondern dort auch gezielt nach Straftätern fahnden.

Abandoned Detroit

Rücktritt Schäubles wegen rhetorischem Angriff auf Datenschützer gefordert
Die FDP-Innenexpertin Gisela Piltz hat Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), der Bürgerrechtlern und Datenschützern aufgrund ihrer massenhaften Bereitschaft zum Gang nach Karlsruhe eines Hitler-Vergleichs unterzog, nun in diesem Zusammenhang als "nicht mehr tragbar" bezeichnet.

Muscular Thin Films: Soft Robotic Devices
Researchers at Harvard University have developed a polymer that is coated with living muscle cells. These Muscular Thin Films can bend, roll up, and writhe when electricity is applied to them, and could have many uses, including integration into soft robotic devices.

maglev: Riesen-Windturbinen ersetzen 1000 Windräder
Diese riesigen Monster-Windturbinen von maglev die 1000 Windräder ersetzen können werden bald in China in Massenproduktion gehen. Eine solche Turbine könnte eine Stadt von der Größe Nürnbergs mit Windenergie versorgen.

Creative Commons - NDR bietet Inhalte zur freien Nutzung an
Der NDR experimentiert mit freien Inhalten und stellt im Rahmen eines Pilotversuchs ab dem 21. November 2007 ausgewählte Beiträge seines Medien-Magazins Zapp und der Satire-Sendung extra 3 unter einer Creative-Commons-Lizenz zur Verfügung.

Intriguing Electric Bike: The EV-X7 Prototype
The intriguing electric bike seen in this video, the EV-X7, has a magnetic motor built into its rear wheel. The motor is a hybrid between a electromagnet and a permanent magnet. It was designed by the Axle Group in Japan. The bike has a range of about 110 miles on a single charge, and a top speed of about 92 mph.