Links vom 18. 11. 07: Chemical Brothers, Happy Hydrogen Bomb, Tornado 1884 und Daniel Düsentriebs Helferlein

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The Chemical Brothers meet Bastard Pop....
"Block Rockin' Boot's" is a 2 part concept album based on The Chemical Brothers tracks.
CD1 is now on line, including 12 exclusive remixes and mashups from DJ Schmolli, DJ Moule, DJ BC, ToToM, ElectroSound, DJ Reno, The Illuminoids, Copycat, PartyBen, elbarto&liamb, DJ Clive$ter, World Famous Audio Hacker, and 3 Bonus Tracks from Lobsterdust, DJ Moule & DJ Zebra.

Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Breaks Down His Kung Fu Samples by Film and Song
Kung-fu's influence on hip hop has been around since the '70s, when B-boys busted Bruce Lee moves while break-dancing. But in 1993, gritty rap supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan released Enter the Wu-Tang (36-Chambers), the first chart-topping album to kick up raw rhymes with dialog sampled from underground Hong Kong flicks. RZA gave WIRED the dope on Wu-Tang's cinematic source material and sounded off on a selection of rare movie clips.

I Love Techno Festival 2007!
Alle (?) Sets inkl. MSTRKRFT, Felix da Housecat, Erol Alkan, Dave Clarke, Adam Beyer, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Simian Mobile Disco und anderen

Creamfields - Buenos aires 10.11.2007
2 Many DJs, 16 Bit Lolitas, Tiefschwarz...


The Expanding Universe
The Big Bang | The Sun and Other Stars | The Planets | Searching For Other Life Forms

Vom Viewmaster zu Beowulf
Robert Zemeckis' "Die Legende von Beowulf" verbindet das ältere 3D-Kinobild mit den neusten Techniken der komplett digitalen Objekt- und Bewegungssimulation. Auf diese Weise entsteht eine Art integrierter Holo-Film, der das Erzählkino mit seinen zeitlichen Bildmontagen ablöst. Fortschritt oder Rückschritt?


Happy Hydrogen Bomb (via)

MC Mechanic - Hand fixing Hand - Homage to MC Escher

Und so.

Youtube: GTA Vice City Back to the Future Mod
Aaaaaw. Mit dem Delorian, Hoverboards und der beknackten Dampflok.

Fox News Porn
Fox News Porn is a collection of raunchy outtakes from the Fox "News" Network, where hypocritical prigs like Bill O'Reilly revel in prurience while condemning it. This condemnation is largely indistinguishable from a celebration -- as when Sean Hannity visits a brothel and asks snotty, explicit questions of the workers there while his camera lovingly pans across their bare flesh.

Copyright Infringement Nation: we are all mega-crooks
By the end of the day, John has infringed the copyrights of twenty emails, three legal articles, an architectural rendering, a poem, five photographs, an animated character, a musical composition, a painting, and fifty notes and drawings. All told, he has committed at least eighty-three acts of infringement and faces liability in the amount of $12.45 million (to say nothing of potential criminal charges). There is nothing particularly extraordinary about John’s activities. Yet if copyright holders were inclined to enforce their rights to the maximum extent allowed by law, he would be indisputably liable for a mind-boggling $4.544 billion in potential damages each year. And, surprisingly, he has not even committed a single act of infringement through P2P file sharing.

Oldest known photograph of a tornado (1884)

Daniel Düsentriebs Real Life Helferlein
Das Helferlein von Daniel Düsentrieb gibt's jetzt auch in echt, leuchtet sogar in 7 Farben und hat einen USB-Anschluß. Nennt sich aber „Baby Moppel“, was ja auch irgendwie ein unglücklicher Name ist und noch dazu wird Disney oder Düsentrieb mit keinem Wort erwähnt. Tss...

Your Scene Sucks (via)

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Samsungs explodierende Smartphones, jetzt neu in your plane in your GTA.(via Martin)


Fraktur sucks

Aus den Tweeties des hervorragenden Blogs Haggard Hawks („about obscure words and their origins“): „Mediaeval scribes invented this bizarre Latin…


Dawson City: Frozen Time – 100 Jahre alter Film aus Permafrost-Ausgrabung

Faszinierende Doku von Bill Morrison, der für Dawson City: Frozen Time Szene aus 100 Jahre alten Filmrollen montierte, die während…


1st computer-generated Music by Alan Turing restored

In Neuseeland haben sie Alan Turings 1951er Musik-Experimente restauriert. Die Melodien (God Save the King, das Kinderlied Baa, Baa Black…


Die Garfield-Remixe der Bilderberg Konferenz 2

Morgen startet die zweite Bilderberg Konferenz für Underground-Comix in Berlin (Reichenberger Straße 114 beim Kotti). Für ihr Konferenz-Zine hatten sie…


Samsung Galaxys Akku-Problem eskaliert

„That escalated quickly.“ (via Martin)

Comic-Lettering explained

Comic-Lettering explained

Hübsches Erklärbärvideo von Vox über Comic-Lettering: „Phil Edwards looked into [Comicbook Lettering] and found an aesthetic shaped by comics culture,…


Hello Mr. Misang

Großartige Illus von Lee Juyong aus Südkorea: Modern life is a rubbish, eine Art Comic über Mr Misang, der in…


Harvard Bauhaus Collection online

Als Bauhaus-Gründer Walter Gropius in den 1930er Jahren vor den Nazis floh und an der Graduate School of Design der…


Flut spült Särge durch Louisiana

Unexpected Consequences der „historischen Flut“ in Louisiana: „Caskets bubbled up from their graves and floating down the road, from the…


Post-Punk Supervillain Squad

Neues von Illustrator Butcher Billy aus Brasilien, Punk und Wave-Helden als Gang of Supervillains feat. Bizarro-Morrissey, Cat-Siouxsie, ReverseFlash-Devo, Ice-Curtis, Harlequin-Debbie…