Fakepilot News: Do you want to be a dictator too?

Als ob Fakepilot nicht sowieso schon lange einer meiner Lieblings-Motiondesigner wäre, der schonmal eine Präsentation im Pilotenhelm abhält. Jetzt liest er auch noch Nachrichten vor. Auf dem Free-Doom-Channel.

(Youtube Direktdoom)

Good evening, I'm Fakepilot. Thank you for being here tonight.

Ron Paul, the little bastard (with his message of peace) is still going strong. Our media monopoly is doing it's best to keep him out of the know, but the Internet (with it's serious of tubes) are getting his words out - anyway. It could be dangerous.

Google trends shows that he is more searched for - than both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama together. His popularity out-reached our top front role model, Paris Hilton. It was only for one day. Let that be a warning.

On the front, George W. Bush and his administration is doing a great job. 30 billion of military aid to the Jews. 20 billion to the Saudis. Free-doom for the middle east.

Back home in the US, all steps are complete. Only one small catastrophe and Bush is a dictator. The balance is a bit difficult, the illusion of democracy - must persist.

Do you want to be a dictator too? We'll tell you how. The Free-doom channel has the blueprint.

What's worse is that writer Naomi Wolf got it to. And she has released it in book stores and on the internet. The End of America.

That's it for tonight. Rot in pieces.