Links vom 10. 11. 07: Grand Theft Scratchy, Torrent Wars, LOLSaurs und die zehn Gebote der Mafia vs Cowboys


Radio Clash Podcast: Grand Theft Scratchy
Not the Itchy and Scratchy show, but there is random violence and cartoon emotion...

Mashup in Heaven
Aaaaaw: Norwegian Recycling from Norway created again a wonderful boot, called "Mashups In Heaven" and the title say everything about the track. It's a great mix of some classic tracks like Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven", Lionel Richie's "Say You, Say Me", Bob Dylan's "Workingman's Blues #2", Aphrodite's Child's "Rain and Tears", Blues Traveler's "Hook" & Fredrik Kempe.

Music DRM 'dead by next summer'
Killing DRM is saving digital music, reckons British retailer 7Digital. The company says DRM-free music sales now outnumber sales of DRM-enumbered music by 4:1 , and credits EMI with the shift.

Sub Pop Begins To Sell MP3s
You've got to hand it to Sub Pop. They've maintained a killer roster, have continued to crank out vinyl at a reasonable cost, and have now started selling MP3 albums from their catalog. The Seattle indie opened up their MP3 shop last week, which now includes around 200 titles or so.

Torrent Wars: Demonoid Torrent Tracker Site Shut Down by Canadian RIAA
The Demonoid torrent tracker has gone the way of OiNK and (apparently) Albumbase before it, after the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association) started playing hardball with the site's hosting company.

UK music store: DRM-free music outsells protected tunes four to one
DRM-free music sells at a much higher rate online than protected music, according to UK-based digital music store 7 Digital. In fact, customers buy it four times as often as they do DRMed music. As a result, almost 80 percent of the store's sales are of DRM-free content. 7 Digital may not sound familiar to some, but it carries over 3 million songs and has many selections from major artists in addition to independent labels.


C-3PO Vinyl Collectible Doll
It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then this golden protocol droid steels the show from R2-D2, Darth Vader and other Star Wars celebs. The C-3PO collectible doll is 21 cm (8.26 inches) tall and made of soft vinyl. It can be pre-ordered for $58 and will start shipping in February 2009(?!).

Aliens inspired Lego spaceship corridor for sinister things to hide in


Glass Octopus - with suckers
Art Glass Collection an absolutely gorgeous US artist / designer creation of an octopus in blown and sculptured colored glass

Big Active
Tonnenweise Designportfolios

YOU_ser Art – Benutzerkunst oder Kunstbenutzer?
Das ZKM präsentiert seit dem 21.10.2007 eine neue Ausstellung mit dem hippen Titel YOU_ser: Das Jahrhundert des Konsumenten. Das klingt erst einmal spannend: Ich bin Konsument, ich bin Nutzer, ich bin Web 2.0-tauglich, ich fühle mich angesprochen. Und wie man es sich nicht schöner hätte denken können, ist man sofort nach Eintritt in die ehemaligen Fabrikhallen des ZKM umgeben von Technik. Gleich am Eingang zur Ausstellung wird jeder, der die Ausstellung betritt, mit einem kräftigen Paukenschlag begrüßt. Damit man sicher sein kann, dass dieser Begrüßungspaukenschlag wirklich einem selbst gilt, erscheint wie durch Zauberhand das eigene Konterfei auf der Pauke. Das Kunstwerk, so lese ich, heißt deshalb auch bezeichnenderweise "Greetings" (Stephan von Huene). Noch keine drei Sekunden sind vergangen, seit die nette Frau am Eingang die Karte abgerissen hat, und schon bin ich mittendrin im Kunstwerk, statt wie so oft nur dabei. Das lässt hoffen.

Manga Toilettenpapier
Lesen bildet ja bekanntlich und warum sollte man die wertvolle Sitzungszeit auf dem stillen Örtchen mit dem Lesen der Tageszeitung vom Vortag oder der bereits vollgestunkenen P.M. Ausgabe verschwenden, wenn man die heutzutage so knapp bemessene Ruhezeit auch anders nutzen und dabei noch seinen Horizont erweitern kann. Wie etwa mit der Lektüre eines mehr oder weniger anregenden Ero Mangas, der praktischerweise gleich auf Toilettenpapier gedruckt wurde um nach der “Benutzung” umweltfreundlich Richtung Kanalisation entsorgt werden zu können.

Und so.


Open-Source 3D Printer, Lets Users Make Anything
Hod Lipson didn’t set out to revolutionize manufacturing. He just wanted to design a really cool robot, one that could “evolve” by reprogramming itself and would also produce its own hardware—a software brain, if you will, with the ability to create a body.

Weird and wondrful foreign phrases that just don't translate
Kaelling - Danish: a woman who stands on her doorstep yelling obscenities at her kids.

In the Air tonight - ohne Gorilla
Wonderbra apes Cadbury’s gorilla ad in this enjoyable spoof, and attempts to improve on the original by featuring a much less hairy drummer and lots of gratuitous boob-bouncing.

The History of Super Mario Bros.
It's-a Mario! A look back at the greatest franchise in gaming.

The Mafia's ten commandments vs. Cowboys ten commandmends
The BBC reports that when Italian police searched a Mafia boss' hideout, they found a list of ten rules for proper mafioso etiquette.
3. Never be seen with cops.

Stacking Eggs into a City

Archaelogists Found Evidence of Zombie Attack in Ancient Egypt!
Zombie attacks are a very, very serious matter. So it’s only right that the Archaeology, a publication of the always serious Archaeological Institute of America, delved into the evidence of a zombie attack, caused by the Solanum virus, in 3000 BC Egypt: „… in 1892, a British dig at Hierakonpolis unearthed a nondescript tomb containing a partially decomposed body, whose brain had been infected with the virus (Solanum) that turns people into zombies. In addition, thousands of scratch marks adorned every surface of the tomb, as if the corpse had tried to claw its way out!“

Animals In Formalin Preservation
In the preservation of animal specimens for study, animals are usually preserved using formalin where the whole body would be immersed in the posture in which it is supposed to stay permanently because it will be hardened. The ratio of formalin to carcass must at least be 12 to 1 to ensure a good fixation.

Half Life (und Micky Mouse) auf den Straßen Georgiens