Nerdcore Kalender 2008 - Das Interview

Auf AICN gibt es ein kleines Interview mit den Machern des Nerdcore-Kalenders und ein paar weitere Bilder...

There's nothing like a nude lady on fire to get your blood pumpin', right?


The original Nerdcore calendar started like all the best ideas - two guys sitting around playing videogames, watching 80's action movies, getting drunk, and thinking, "You know what the world needs? Naked girls in an arcade."


we found the geekiest model of all for 2008 - Justine Joli, a nerd goddess. During the extension shoot, she kept playing us tracks from her iPod. What was she playing, you ask? Why Ghost in the Shell themes. And what was she quoting while holding two blood katanas over a dead ninja? William Gibson's Neuromancer - that's what she was reciting lines from! If she's not the holiest of all hot, naked geeks, I don't know who is.

Hell, Yeah!