Links vom 4. 11. 07: Starfighter, Steampunk Creatures, Pac Man und das Kuttner-Duo


What Do Album Sales Measure?
On the surface, this may appear like an obvious question. Album sales measure the number of people who buy an artist’s music. Let’s look a little deeper at what album and track sales are an actual measure of.
Many artists that experience high volumes of downloads on P2P networks also experience brisk sales. The days of mega-platinum albums are pretty much at an end, so I’m defining brisk sales as between 50,000 to 7 million units sold. This is abroad spectrum, as it includes middle tier artists as well. The future of music will most like include far more middle tier artists, making a decent living, and fewer multi million dollar POP sensations.


Homemade "Last Starfighter" video game
Who didn't walk out of The Last Starfighter -- yep, the Lance Guest movie from the '80s -- hoping to find a Starfighter game in the arcade? Sadly, the game was never produced. But some guys over at Rogue Synapse recreated a playable version of the actual game from the movie -- it's a free download -- and offer drawings of the movie-prop game cabinet.


Stephane Halleux’s Curious Creations
Stephane Halleux, a French sculptor is the creator of a remarkable collection of steampunkish characters, engines, vehicles and very curious creatures. She makes the most amazing anthropomorphised creations, most of which is cyborganic in nature, existing in an interzone between man and machine, all rendered in a decidedly retro-futuristic flavor.

Reclaim Magenta!
The German telecom company T-Mobile is stealing the color magenta! We have to stop them! T-Mobile started sueing Dutch companies which use magenta in print and commercial campaigns. They already sued Compello and they are urging "Slam FM" and "100% NL" to quit using magenta as well!
T-Mobile claims to own the rights for the use of magenta! which is completely bonkers! Everyone should be allowed to use magenta anywhere, anytime! It's part of CMYK, without magenta printing would be a lot uglier!
So its time to smack some sense into T-Mobile! Here we can start off with a petition for reclaiming Magenta.

Und so.

Pacman - The Textadventure

Cruise Elroy: A Pac-Man Linkfest
Is it just not enough to play Pac-Man on the Atari, PC, OS X dashboard, web, and cellphone? Try Pac-Gentleman, the Pac-Man board game, or just get some costumes and do it yourself. Still not enough? Master the game, watch the 1984 cartoon, eat the cereal, listen to the tribute album, watch a documentary about the players, or just wait for the inevitable Pac-Man Hollywood Movie.

Japanese Video Game Commercials
This collection of Japanese video game commercials is amazing! It's like getting a compressed overview of the history of video games.

Cool Google Maps
Who knew maps could be fun?

Jürgen und Sarah Kuttner machen Radio: „Alter Sack und junges Huhn“
Vom 18. November an moderieren Sie zusammen auf Radio Eins eine wöchentliche Sendung. Dass Vater und Tochter gemeinsame Sache machen, ist ein Novum in der deutschen Unterhaltungsbranche. Wie kam es dazu?

What really happens when you survive a Nuclear War
All hell breaks loose. There's eye-popping flashes of light everywhere and ear-ripping bangs as the bombs go off. Cities evaporate. Infrastructures crumble. Everywhere, huge mushroom-shaped clouds tower up into the sky. All electricity goes out because of electro-magnetic effects. And of course, many die: according to even the mildest scenario's, hundreds of millions die instantaneously as the nukes go boom.
But you -- you survive all that.

Kein Grund zur Panik oder alle Bürger unter Generalverdacht?
Die Gegner der Vorratsdatenspeicherung kündigen neue Proteste an und auch die Politik wird nervös