Links vom 28. 10. 07: End of Pop, He-Man, Bob Kane als Batman und 8,8 Blatt Klopapier


Guest List: Queens of the Stone Age
This week it's Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, who goes grumpy old man on us, waxing nostalgic about his old bands' material, bemoaning the death of the record shop, and refusing to buy an iPhone.

English Settlement
Thirty years on from punk, music in the UK has reached a settlement, with most aesthetic questions presumed answered, like Francis Fukuyama's end of history applied to pop. Though when you think about it, what does "end of history" mean but "no future"?

Musik als Mitbewohner
Wie man sich ein klangvolles Zuhause einrichtet: Fünfzehn Hamburger zeigen ihre Musikanlage und erzählen aus ihrem tönenden Alltag. Eine kleine Sozialstudie.


Kaare Andrews He-Man pitch video online
Just days after Mark Millar openly told fans around the world that he wants to take a crack at Superman, comic book writer and filmmaker Kaare Andrews (Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, X-Men) is ready to pitch He-Man and we have the video presentation to prove it.
What's more is that he's taken the idea a step further than just creating a pitch, he's stylised a little animated taster of his vision for the film.

Flesh and blood
From a figure of menace and parody to a New York junkie, Dracula has had many reincarnations. But it was the 1958 film starring Christopher Lee that first made him sexy, writes Matthew Sweet.


Interview with Ujino Muneteru
Tokyo based sound sculpture artist and performer Ujino Muneteru's Rotators is a giant tweaked-out jewelry box of modern and out-dated technology. While many old objects are ubiquitous in Muneteru's work, its not the same old story of trash art. Muneteru works to discover new histories in material objects once discarded only to delicately care for them in hopes of restoring any sentimental value once lost. Tangled in Pop Art, Noise and some Dada, his conversions, performances and arrangements of junk and vintage are an insight into the role of materialism and what is of value in our lives- what is deemed junk or vintage or valid pop-iconography is largely up to the viewer.

Iconic Moments of the Twentieth Century
Rentner stellen historische Fotos nach

Font Design Video
Television interview about typeface design, with Steven Heller, Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones.

Foto: BOB KANE Dressed in Batman Costume!

Contact Press Images: 30 Years of Excellence


Brot und Scheiss-Spiele
...und wenn rauskommen sollte, daß ein Arbeitsloser sogar ab und zu lacht oder Freude hat, dann steht schon ein strammes Team der Mediengestapo bereit um darüber zu berichten, im schmierigen Tonfall völischer Empörung aufzuschreien, wie es denn sein kann, das jemand der sich nicht für einen Hungerlohn geistig und körperlich kaputt schuftet und mehr vom Leben erwartet als zu Arbeiten und Schlafen, wie so jemand heutzutage noch ungestraft Spaß haben kann.

Provinzcowboywillkür gegen Jungvermählte
Zwei Bekannte von mir hatten geheiratet und ihre Flitterwochen in der Lüneburger Heide verbracht. So weit, so schön - herzlichen Glückwunsch an die beiden nochmal. Am fünften Tag ihres Aufenthalts jedoch wurde die Wohnung von Polizisten gestürmt. Ohne Erklärung der Gründe, Komplettdurchsuchung, wie in einem schlechten Film.

Und so.

Money Pubs: Home of the World's Most Expensive Wallpaper
The money on the wall theme is to have every patron in the bar write something stupid on a dollar bill and tack it on the wall. After several years you can build up 10's of thousands of dollars of assets and the theft rate is unbelievable low.

Bad Predictions about the Future
«A short-lived satirical pulp.»
TIME, writing off Mad magazine in 1956.

Paranormal Investigations and Technology: Where Ghosts and Gadgets Meet
Meet one type of specialist whom you may never have hired or outsourced—ghost hunters. Whether you've got a ghost in the machine or in the house, these paranormal investigators can bring a technology tool chest with everything from thermometers to blimp cams.

Laser pumpkin

8,8 Blatt Klopapier je Soldat und Tag
Der parlamentarische Staatssekretär Christian Schmidt (CSU) räumte jetzt ein, bei der Umrechnung von "Gebindegrößen (Rolle-Blatt, Blatt- Packung)" seien Fehler unterlaufen. Tatsächlich hätten die Untergebenen des CDU-Ministers Franz Josef Jung statt 800 Millionen Rollen nur 800 Millionen Blatt benötigt: "Damit errechnet sich ein Verbrauch an Toilettenpapier von 8,8 Blatt je Mitarbeiter und Arbeitstag."

YouTube Mashup using Yahoo Pipes

Google ist ein Tippfehler
Und sollte eigentlich Googol heißen. Glück gehabt oder so. Der Verantwortliche für den Typo arbeitet heute übrigens bei Microsoft.

Using McDonalds’ As Pizza Toppings
When I worked as a pizza cook we deep-fried everything: cucumbers, strawberries, a pencil. Once I battered and deep-fried some bacon and topped pizza with it. And yeah, it was both gut-curdling and awesome. But this. This is something else entirely. We never would have thought to put cheeseburgers, fries, and McNuggets on a pizza.
This is a culinary Frankenstein cooked by Bizarro, a crude combination of deliciousness into an artery-jamming fatty Voltron.

1610 Mechanical Screaming Biting Skull Clock with Animated Snakes for Eyeballs!
Never mind this skull & crossbones automaton clock is nearly 400 years old, just look what it can do! Way scarier than any special effects from Pirates of the Caribbean.
During the first minute, the skull's expression seems to smile, the second minute it seems to laugh, the next appears to scream and finally, the jaws snap shut, as if the skull were trying to bite something. At the same time, one of the snakes slowly sinks back down into one of the eye sockets, while the other slowly comes out of the other eye, before retracting suddenly, as the first snake again springs out from its eye-socket. And to view the time, just open up the skull cap! It sold recently for $135,000.