Links vom 24. 10. 07: Mashing Pumpkins, 300 Robot Chicken, Japanische Gullideckel und ein Haus am Arsch der Welt


Mashing Pumpkins
Halloween Mashup Album (Hier der BoingBoing-Mirror, falls die Seite offline geht)
[nachtrag] Hier der Mirror bei Mashuptown, jetzt auch mit okayem Artwork

Amazon MP3: bald auch in Deutschland?
“Der Internet-Händler Amazon will auch in Deutschland Musik und Filme zum Herunterladen anbieten. Ob entsprechende US-Dienste auch hierzulande eingeführt werden, sei «eine Frage des Wann und nicht des Ob».”

Mash-Up Party in Berlin
On saturday the fith part of the Mash-Up Your Bootz Party is rolling over Berlin!
Besides me, Dr.Waumiau from Berlin is rockin the dancefloor with Bootlegs and Mash-Ups from all over world.
The entry is 2 € and the first 40 guest through the door will get a free Mash-Up Sampler with classic stuff and some new shit on it.

A musical movement that's expanding exponentially thanks to musicians and producers who see copying as a marketing tool rather than intellectual property theft. While piracy is the bane of many musicians trying to control the sale of their songs, tecnobrega artists see counterfeiters as key to their success. Artists, who make their money off of live shows, deliver their CDs directly to the street vendors, who determine the price that market can bear. This "mixtape" phenomenon is popular in other parts of the world, including Argentina and the United States, where it is an integral part of hip-hop.

Music industry association recommends flat-rate file sharing
I just heard from two contacts in Denmark that their branch of the International Federation of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (IFPI) (the equivalent of America's RIAA and MPAA) has seriously proposed allowing unrestricted downloads of music over peer-to-peer networks, in exchange for a modest monthly fee to be charged to all ISP users.


Star Trek stop-motion fanimation from mid '70s
Star Trek trufan Art Binninger made home-made Star Trek stop-motion animated movies in the 1970s, with help from his buddies in the Air Force A/V Squadron. They documented the process behind the scenes, and in doing so, left us with a lovely time capsule of '70s sf fandom.

8 Life Lessons From Star Wars All Kids Should Learn
Star Wars is also wise. Many important life lessons can be gleaned from its science fiction scroll of wisdom. If applied properly, these lessons can assure you a life of long and prosperous happiness. Here are some of the important life lessons kids…

Kurzfilme zu Douglas Couplands „Gum Thief“
Back in the summer, we talked to our good friends at Random House Canada, about doing something for Doug Coupland's new book. Didn't know what, just, something. We had done some work before for Souvenir of Canada, a pop-culture biographical rumination on well, you have to see it, and should really. Back to The Gum Thief. We wanted to do a series of short pieces, which would then find their way out into the world the way all things do now. There are three series, featuring passages from the novel. Roger and Bethany are the two main characters in the novel, and Glove Pond is the novel within the novel. We shot in an unspecified office supplies store, taught ourselves how to animate piles of staples and took a crash course in mid century advertising. Doug Coupland does the narration for all of them and Dave deCarlo from Sons and Daughters helped us out with sound design.

300 - American Robot Chicken Version


Vampire und Wolkenmaler
Hamburg ist eine bunte Stadt - auch wegen der vielen Graffiti an Häuserwänden. Heiner Ulrich hat im Winter 1987 im Stadtteil St. Georg zahlreiche Wandmalereien entdeckt. Dabei fielen ihm immer wieder besonders ausdrucksstarke Bilder in einer bestimmten Sprühtechnik auf. Also ging er eines Tages los und fotografierte sie - alle.

Sehr (sehr) dumm gelaufen
Der große Vorteil bei der Verwendung von Variablen in Layoutprogrammen liegt darin, dass man schnell aus einem Anzeigenmotiv mal eine angepasste Version generieren kann, die beispielsweise die Adresse des lokalen Händlers beinhaltet. Der große Nachteil folgt hier.

Japanese manhole covers
Japanische Gullideckel!

MIXA - a USB cassette for your digital stuff!
Design your own USB blank cassette just like the old mix tapes. Then plug it in, fill it up with your music, photos, video and other digital goodies.

Whoa: Michael England
Dissecting objects and rebuilding them into a completely new image is what Manchester-based artist Michael England does to its utmost perfection. His breathtakingly beautiful creations exude a darkness that lured PingMag into taking a closer look at his fascinatingly morbid works…

The art of sharpening pencils
Welcome to the world of pencil sharpening - this may sound like a dull topic but there is actually a lot more to it than you think. There are a number of different sharpening styles and methods; all good artists should know them. The trick is using the right one at the right time.


Im PLUS an der Kasse
Kundin: "Na, die Stimme kenn ich doch!"
Kassiererin: "He, Maggie! Was tust du denn hier!?"
Kundin: "Na, einkaufen. Und du?"
Kassiererin: "Na, kassieren."

Und so.

Video: "The Space" Japanese Technics Commercial

Jamie Oliver Videopodcast
My Podcast is food for your ears.

The center of our minds: Vilayanur Ramachandran on
Brain researcher Vilayanur Ramachandran talks about how brain damage can reveal the connection between the internal structures of the brain and the corresponding functions of the mind. He discusses three specific syndromes: phantom limb pain, synesthesia (when people hear color or smell sounds), and the Capgras delusion, when brain-damaged people believe their closest friends and family have been replaced with imposters.

Youtube: Top 10 Scariest Video Games of All Time (Danke, Micha!)

Buick Riviera "Atari Package"
With all the current buzz about cramming as many LCD screens as possible into over-the-top, pimped-out cars, it behooves us to remember that folks have been figuring ways to get the ever-fascinating idiot box into their rides since the dawn of time. Wait'll you get a load of Kevin's '79 "Atari Package" Buick Riviera, featuring an under-the-dash video-game system complete with a 13-inch woodgrain TV and one of those old joysticks with the single red button.

The Empire That Was Russia
Farbfotos aus dem zaristischen Russland.

Apple = the new evil empire?
Now that Apple is 1) a huge company, 2) no longer a scrappy underdog, and 3) basically dominates an industry like, dare I say it, Microsoft, will those free-thinking Mac fanatics who desperately wanted the company to survive its lean years now turn on them because giant multinational corporations who use DRM and are in bed with the music and cellphone industries are evil?

Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe
While this somewhat cheesy levitating globe is only four inches in diameter, I can imagine it will soon be put to good use as the base for a talented Star Wars fan in creating a real-life version of the holographic Death Star intelligence for which many Bothan spies died.
This disco-thumping, Centurion-filled commercial from the '80s is selling a hi-fi system known as "The Space," which as far as I can tell was so-dubbed because it could be easily stacked. Or maybe they were capitalizing on a strong Battlestar Galactica trend of which I was unaware.

CO2 rising 25% faster than previously thought
Scientists warned last night that global warming will be "stronger than expected and sooner than expected", after a new analysis showed carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere much faster than predicted.
Experts said that the rise was down to soaring economic development in China, and a reduction in the amount of carbon pollution soaked up by the world's land and oceans. It also means human emissions will have to be cut more sharply than predicted to avoid the likely effects.

Das Weiße Haus zensiert erneut Wissenschaftlerin
Das Papier der CDC-Direktorin über gesundheitliche Folgen der Klimaerwärmung für eine Anhörung im Senat wurde massiv überarbeitet

World's Most Bizarre Political Candidates
The self-proclaimed Jesus Christ, The Satanic Vampire that ran for Governor in 2006, The Rhino who won Sao Paulo's council elections with 100,000 votes and some more...

The Mother of all Line-Riders...

Houses with a View
Wenn schon am Arsch der Welt leben, dann so...