Links vom 16. 10. 07: Music Story 1921, iTunes-Killer, Audrey Hepburn und Sex mit Robotern

16.10.2007 #Robots

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Waldman's music store in New York, 1921
Waldman's music store in New York, May 1921. A nice selection of records and Victrolas, with Nipper keeping an eye on things.

Party Ben's Bootie Traxx Vol. 2
Party Ben, the legend from SF, had just thrown out his new Bootie Traxx Volume 2. It's a 5-Track Compilation of unknown Bootz he used to play at the Bootie Party's in San Francisco, LA & NYC over the last months. Listen to some tracks with Yazoo, INXS, Timbaland, Rod Stewart, E-40, Faithless and some more. The featured track is a wild mixture of Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" together with D4L's "Laffy Taffy".

15 years of Radiohead
In 1992, a run-of-the-mill rock quintet from Oxfordshire changed their name from On a Friday to Radiohead and released an EP called Drill, which debuted inauspiciously at number 101 on the UK charts. How did these Creeps end up one of the biggest bands in the world? With the band about to release their seventh album, In Rainbows, in a pay-what-you-want format that has made headlines across the globe, Guardian Unlimited Music charts Thom Yorke and company's miserable and marvelous rise to fame.

US-Plattenfirmen planen iTunes-Killer
Die drei größten US-Musikkonzerne wollen Apples Monopol beim Online-Musikhandel knacken. Universal, Sony BMG und Warner Music verhandeln angeblich über eine Musik-Flatrate. Das Angebot: Unbeschränkte Downloads aus dem gesamten Musikangebot für fünf Dollar im Monat.


Science-Fiction-Charaktere im Größenvergleich

The First Anime Film: Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors
Released in April 12, 1945 Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors was the first full length featured anime film (74 minutes long) made in Japan. The film was directed during World War II by Mitsuyo Seo and produced as propaganda for the Imperial Navy Department of Japan.

Lost Murnau Film Resurrected?
The movie in question if F. W. Murnau’s 4 Devils (also sometimes listed as Four Devils). Released in 1928 or 1929 on the cusp of the transition to sound, the Fox production was a tragedy starring Janet Gaynor and set in the world of the circus (which kills interest in the film for me right there).

Babylon Fields -- clips from CBS’s zombie necrophilia pilot
During the development season, CBS’ “Babylon Fields” was considered an early front-runner for greenlight. Granted, “apocalyptic zombie drama” may have sounded like a strange premise for a TV series, but no more so than the rest of CBS’ slate of vampire detectives, kids in ghost towns, musical gamblers and swinger couples.

Audrey Hepburn Tribute

Star Wars Collectors Archive
Launched in 1994, the Star Wars Collectors Archive was the first Star Wars collecting site on the Internet. It was created with the goal of bridging the geographical gaps between collectors in a way that is fun, educational and easily accessible.


Meredith Dittmar
The Evolution of Psychepolymereganics

The Showcase Of BIG Typography
In many situations it’s reasonable to give the typography the prominent position it deserves, leaving visual cues in the background or removing them at all. Doing that, you have to risk large font sizes surrounded by a generous amount of white space. What comes out of it? Elegant web sites with a unique form, style and sense of precision.

Fascinating Worlds of Jacek Yerka
One interesting quality of his art (shared perhaps with visionary work of Vladimir Kush and Thomasz Maronski) is how the common, easily-recognizable objects are transformed and inserted into a wholly alien environment (this being the hallmark of surrealism, for sure), and how the artist never fails to convey his mood and commentary about the real world - all of which remains powerfully imprinted on a viewer's mind for days to come.

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography
Since I found photography two and a half years ago I have learned different things which I would like to share with you today. These lessons have made me richer and I hope that you will find them refreshing and inspiring on your journey with the camera, too.

Und so.

Kampfstern Halloween

Google News ohne Politically Incorrect
Das anti-islamische Blog „Politically Incorrect” (PI) ist keine Nachrichtenquelle mehr bei Google News. Ein Sprecher des Unternehmens bestätigte mir, dass Google in seiner Nachrichtensuche seit einigen Wochen keine Beiträge von „Politically Incorrect” mehr aufführe.

Was die Wunder-Gründer des Webs heute machen
Netscape, Napster, AOL: Mit ihren Web-Ideen haben Gründer wie Shawn Fanning und Marc Andreessen im ersten Internet-Boom Millionen gemacht. Die Stars von damals mischen wieder mit - in der zweiten oder dritten Reihe.

Fingerabdruck im Reisepass: Risikoexperiment an der Bevölkerung beginnt
Wichtig ist: Wer noch einen älteren Reisepass hat, sollte diesen in den kommenden zwei Wochen eintauschen. Dies ist möglich, ohne einen kaputten Pass zum Bürgeramt zu bringen! Damit erspart man sich die erkennungsdienstliche Erfassung der eigenen Fingerabdrücke für einige Jahre.

The First Photo From Space
In 1946, rocket-borne cameras gave us our first look at Earth from beyond the atmosphere.

Sex with Massachusetts Robots by 2050
Having read the title above, we ask you: how do you feel? Titillated at the prospect or fearful for the little babies? Either way, if artificial intelligence researcher David Levy of the University of Maastricht is to be believed, we'll be consummating relationships with our anatomically correct Roombas by mid-century.

PC Magazine: Our 100 favorite Blogs

Internationalizing the Internet
Coming soon to an Internet near you: top-level domain names written in Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and several other languages.

Rauchende Colts - Naomi Klein auf den Spuren der ganz großen Sache
Sie ist smart. Aber wir sind auch nicht auf den Kopf gefallen. Diesmal geben wir ihr die Breitseite. "No Logo" haben wir ihr durchgehen lassen. Kinderkram. Aber das hier ist etwas anderes: Die Schock-Strategie. Über siebenhundert Seiten und alles wissenschaftlich belegt. Sagt sie. Zusammen mit einem Team von sieben professionellen Helfern hat Naomi Klein an dem Buch gearbeitet, vier Jahre lang, in denen sie auch noch kreuz und quer durch die Welt gereist ist.