Links vom 6. 10. 07: In Rainbows live, Tapes, Vista auf Vinyl und die Knochenkirche

06.10.2007 #Radiohead

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Radiohead - In Rainbows (live)

New Bloc Party - "Flux" (And Conan O'Brien Video)
Die neue Bloc Party Single

A Bunch of Bootlegs:
Editors - Live XFM


Youtube: Star Wars Dudelsack

Scream 4 coming?
On the company's official blog, The Weinstein Company has announced that Scream 4 is definitely going to happen, eight years after the last film was in cinemas

Alive - Zombie TV Serie
A 2008 TV series called Alive from the brains of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens and starring John Billingsley and Gary Graham. Alive is set in a world that has faced a ‘zombie apocalypse’ where just a handful of people are holed up in a continuity of government bunker called ‘Falcon Rock.’ A global pandemic has converted the rest of the world into the brain eating undead.

Star Wars on Earth
Hatten wir hier bereits, Cédric Delsaux hat allerdings eine Ausstellung in Washington, und da gibt es neue Bilder aus der Serie.

New York Times: The New B Movie
Early this past summer, around the time Hollywood’s 2007 blockbusters were set to make their debut on the big screen, movie junkies could find a film that might, at first glance, have been confused with the box office hit “Transformers.” Set in a dystopian future that looks suspiciously like an abandoned parking lot, “Transmorphers” tells the story of a war between humans and an evil race of extraterrestrial machines. Unlike its namesake, “Transmorphers” has no recognizable actors, no merchandising tie-ins and a garbled sound mix. Also unlike “Transformers,” it has cheap special effects and a subplot involving lesbians. In short, though “Transmorphers” features the occasional shape-shifting robot, it bears little resemblance to Michael Bay’s big-screen phenomenon.


cassette tape culture
these days it is hard to avoid the continuing debate that surrounds the 'future of music' and the formats that bring it to us. however this so called 'digital age' isn't the first time that new music formats have created such a stir, some time not too long ago it was cassette tapes that were causing the music industry concern. the design of the cassette tape was resolved in the 1960s by the dutch electronics company philips as a portable alternative to the large vinyl formats. having not been patented the cassette tape design was quickly copied by many manufacturers leading to its widespread use. during the mid 1980s cassettes were at their most popular accounting for more than half of the worlds total music sales. alongside the attraction of music on the move, the cassette tape offered the opportunity for people to edit and customize their music easily for the first time. the DIY ethic of the tapes didn't stop with home recording though, as many people often created their own artwork for their mixes.

Modernized Art II
Another week, another brazen assault on art. The Something Awful Forum Goons, inspired by their lack of culture, love of robots, anime, iPods, and sitting in front of the TV, attempt to make art slightly more interesting. Perhaps you will agree!

Logo Design History
LogoOrange has a cool section about history of famous brand logos.

Console logos throughout the ages

Und so.

Lessig video on ending corruption
In this youtube, Larry Lessig appears on Danish TV to explain his new cause, devoting the next ten years to ending government corruption. Lessig is downright inspirational on the subject, calling on us to set aside our cynical instinct that tells us that money will always control government and use technology to expose corruption and rally citizens to end it.

Canadian mint: We own the words "one cent" and Toronto can't use them
A campaign to raise funds for cash-strapped Canadian cities has been contemptuously sabotaged by the federal government, who are demanding thousands of dollars in royalties for use of the "copyrighted" image of a Canadian penny and the phrase "one cent."
OneCentNow is a campaign by the City of Toronto to get the federal government to return one cent of the national Goods and Services Tax to Toronto, which is struggling in the wake of decades of federal cuts in their budget-transfers.
Now the federal corporation that mints Canada's currency has sent the City of Toronto a bill for more than $47,000 for the use of the words "one cent" and the picture of a penny in the campaign's logo in a citywide public education effort.

Space Age Lunch Boxes (1950s and 60s)
The Smithsonian has an online exhibit which includes these lunch boxes from the late 1950s and early 1960s. The satellite lunch box from 1958 shows a torodial space station, which is featured prominently in the short film „Challenge of Outer Space“. Excerpts from the Smithsonian website appear below each picture.

The Longest-Standing Math Problem
Ever had a puzzle that looked easy but tortured you incessantly until you found a solution? Would you work on it obsessively for seven years in isolation? Andrew Wiles did just that to prove Fermat's Last Theorem.
Pierre de Fermat, a famous number theorist of the 17th century, rarely published his work – instead, he would often write comments in the margins of books. In one margin Fermat proposed that xn + yn = zn has no non-zero integer solutions for x, y and z when n > 2. However, rather than providing a proof, he only offered this taunting sentence: “I have discovered a truly remarkable proof which this margin is too small to contain.”
The proof for this simple conjecture was not solved for over 350 years and through the centuries became one of math's greatest puzzles.

Windows Vista - Vinyl Edition

Youtube: French Millionaire Dumbfuck
Dieser Mann weiß nicht, dass der Mond die Erde umkreisst, nimmt den Publikumsjoker und...

I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer
Craig Venter, the controversial DNA researcher involved in the race to decipher the human genetic code, has built a synthetic chromosome out of laboratory chemicals and is poised to announce the creation of the first new artificial life form on Earth.

Kadykchan. The City of Broken Dreams
No, this isn’t Chernobyl and there isn’t any dangerous radioactive background or toxic pollution. You can even live in this town… but there is no reason for. This place has become absolutely useless after the collapse of the USSR, like many other Soviet industrial settlements.

"The Bone Chapel"
40,000 dead form morbidly fascinating sculptures and artwork; skeletons meticulously fashioned in 1870 by a wood carver. This is Sedlec’s Church; All Saints ossuary in the Czech Republic.

Dance and magic: Kenichi Ebina on
Dancer Kenichi Ebina moves his body in a manner that appears to defy the limits imposed by the human skeleton. He combines breakdancing and hip-hop with mime using movements that are simultaneously precise and fluid.

Welcher Krieg ist der am wenigsten beachtete?
Überall in der Welt gibt es teilweise seit Jahrzehnten andauernde Kriege, über die kaum berichtet wird. Der Fokus der Weltöffentlichkeit richtet sich meist nur auf einen oder zwei Brennpunkte - andere werden "vergessen", vor allem, wenn sie länger dauern oder in weit entfernten, wirtschaftlich und geostrategisch als unbedeutsam empfundenen Weltregionen stattfinden.