Radioheads LP7 - irgendwas passiert da morgen

Bei Radiohead ist was im Busch. Auf Dead Air Space, Thom Yorkes Blog, gibt es nur noch Kryptik und schließlich hätten wir da nach die Website, auf der ein Countdown runterzählt.

On the 25th September, the website was launched. Initially this contained "Username" and "Password" boxes underneath a header of "Radiohead" with "LP7" in the background. Entering details into these boxes caused the word "Fail" to appear. Soon after creation, a cryptogram code appeared underneath the boxes that translated to "Not Yet", suggesting there is no more content yet.

Eventually, all this disappeared to be replaced by a small white box with text inside. When zoomed in on, it reads "Hi Thom. Hi." Clicking on this box reveals another cryptogram code, which translates to "MARCH WA X." This has fuelled speculation that the album may be released in March, 2008. However, as of the 26th of September, the website has not been confirmed by the band to be an official site, and may yet prove to be an elabourate hoax.

As of Thursday 27th September the website featured a countdown clock set to expire at 9am GMT 29 September 2007. Right below the countdown timer, is a counter which counts the number of visits to the site. (Wikipedia)

Irgendwas passiert da morgen. Nachdem die Jungs im Juni schon bekanntgaben: „We are nearly there“, könnte ich mir vorstellen, dass die Songs fertig sind. Und da die Jungs kein Label haben... aber das wäre wirklich zu cool, das bringen nichtmal Radiohead.