Links vom 28. 9. 07: RFID-Fun, Jedis in Manhattan, die neue FAZ und the Church of Google


The South Bank Show
The South Bank Show is the longest running arts show on television. Melvyn Bragg has presented an eclectic mix of televisual joy since 1978. SBS has presented in-depth portraits of many different types of artists during this time, covering a huge range of topics. From high art to low art, classical music to pop music, canonical literature to airport blockbusters it has offered some of the most insightful and enjoyable arts programming around. Here's are some great episodes for your delectation.

Rolling Stone's 25 most outrageous music videos

YMCA in der Nerd-Version: It's fun to hack the RFID... hihihi... (via)

A Fistfull of DJ-Sets:
Ben Katana VS Bryan Burger - Live @ Twisted (21st August 2007)
Anti-Pop Music Festival @ Viana do Castelo, Portugal 9/11-08-2007


A Jedi Order Establishes a New Temple — in Lower Manhattan
General sun wants coffee with a double shot of espresso. General Kalius A'dar will take a black iced tea. Cyran Oghma is all set, thanks. "Anything else, you guys?" Master Flynn asks the others assembled. As the founder of the New York Jedi, Master Flynn (no last name) knows mind tricks don't work in Starbucks. You can't order telepathically, and you still have to say "venti" when you really mean extra large.
On Tuesdays, Master Flynn and his Jedi posse squeeze into a few corner tables in this busy café before heading to lightsaber training at a dance studio down the street. Sessions can be grueling, starting with meditation and yoga poses before moving on to choreographed swordplay.
"Star Wars is all about the hero's journey," says General Sun, an intense, goateed red-head in a tight green T-shirt. He sips carefully on his supercharged coffee. "Get that lightsaber in your hands and suddenly you're like, ‘Hey, maybe I can be a hero, too!'"

Directed (1965) by Richard Lester. Starring the Beatles, Leo McKern and Eleanor Bron.

The Klingon Sex Manual
Be prepared. Regardless of the species, women appreciate a man who remembers to bring the wine. While not specific to Klingons, their renowned tempers make this worth mentioning.

My StarWars Collection
Joshua Budich has an extensive collection of Star Wars action figures.

Q&A: Ridley Scott Has Finally Created the Blade Runner He Always Imagined
At age 69, Ridley Scott is finally satisfied with his most challenging film. He's still turning out movies at a furious pace — American Gangster, with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, is due in November — building on an extraordinary oeuvre that includes Alien, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down. But he seems ready to accept Blade Runner as his crowning achievement. In his northern English accent, he describes its genesis and lasting influence. And, inevitably, he returns to the darkness that pervades his view of the future — the shadows that shield Deckard from a reality that may be too disturbing to face.

Youtube: Ondrej Svadlena - Sanitkasan
czech 3D animated film created by Ondrej Svadlena. "Sanitkasan is a stridently contemporary story about the self-destroying mechanical character and pathological voraciousness not only of cyber civilisation but of our society in general. It transgresses extensively the established forms and is an entrance to the true world of animation."

Mörder Monty Python Youtube-Post bei Holgi
Ende der 1960er Jahre haben - unter anderen - Michael Palin, Terry Jones, und Eric Idle an einer Serie für das Kinderprogramm des britischen ITV mitgewirkt. Die genannten drei gehörten später zu Monty Python's Flying Circus und der Name der ITV-Serie lautet „Do not adjust your set“.

Journey to the center of the Earth
Discovery Channel's Journey to the center of the Earth. A Scientific study of the planet's anatomy.

Do you want to live forever?
Channel 4 Documentary following the revolutionary life-extension and immortality ideas of this somewhat eccentric scientist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey. This show is all about the radical ideas of a Cambridge biomedical gerontologist called Aubrey de Grey who believes that, within the next 20-30 years, we could extend life indefinitely by addressing seven major factors in the aging process.


Best Science Images of 2007 Honored
Andrea Ottesen of the University of Maryland's Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture shared a first place prize in the photography category of the 2007 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge for the natural light photo.
The awards are given out each year by the National Science Foundation and the journal Science for the imagery that best conveys complex scientific information and concepts. This year the winners are announced in the September 28 issue of Science.

Firefox Pencils
Firefox sure has a devoted user base, some of whom go through great lengths and cost to promote the open source browser. Take for instance Nathan Lineback of Toasty Tech, who made pencils with Firefox logo and give ‘em out to his office mates.

Gallery of illustrated book endpapers
Old textbooks, Golden books and kid's books in general all had end papers that could set the mind soaring with the knowledge and adventures that awaited you between the covers.

FAZ jetzt neu: Titelseite, Online-Auftritt
So wird die neue FAZ ab dem 5. Oktober aussehen: Mit großem Foto auf der Titelseite. Auf der Online Marketing Messe in Düsseldorf war das neue Layout gestern erstmals öffentlich zu sehen. Im Zuge des neuen Coverdesigns wird auch umgestaltet. Dort wird alles weißer, etwas aufgeräumter, minimaler.

Paula Scher: Moleskine notebook and interview at Monocle
For over three decades Paula Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design. Iconic, smart and unabashedly populist, her images have entered into the American vernacular. Scher has been a principal in the New York office of the distinguished international design consultancy Pentagram since 1991.

Und so.

The Church of Google: Is Google God?
» PROOF #8: According to Google trends, the term "Google" is searched for more than the terms "God", "Jesus", "Allah", "Buddha", "Christianity", "Islam", "Buddhism" and "Judaism" combined.

Solar Powered Bicycle
The E-V Sunny Bicycle has light absorbing Solar panels built right into the Wheels, creating continual power from the Sun’s Rays, and maintaining a constant charge to the batteries. The bike is propelled by a 500 watt front hub motor. The variable speed electronic controller drives the bike to speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. Overall weight of the bicycle is 75 lbs. and comes with 17 amp hr. batteries and a built in battery charger.

The Top Ten Strange and Unusual Japanese Chewing Gums
Japanese chewing gum differs from American chewing gum in many ways, and that probably is a result of the practical way Japan looks at chewing gum. Since it's merely chewed for a while and then disposed of, it just makes sense for chewing gum to serve some function, ANY function before being spat out. This way of thinking can produce some VERY strange and unusual types of chewing gum, and from them we've assembled this Top Ten list!

1869 MIT entrance exam

Psychotronic Weapons? The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract

Igel-Kids akzeptieren eine Bürste als Mami. Echt jetz!
Four tiny orpahned hedgehogs are snuggling up to the bristles of a cleaning brush - because they think it's their mother. The four inch long creatures are being hand-reared by staff at the New Forest Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park in Ashurst, Hants. Workers say Mary, Mungo, Midge and Slappy get comfort from playing with the centre's cleaning brush and enjoy rubbing against it.

In Pictures: Most Spectacular Sights in Google Sky
Want to boldly go all over the universe? With views of 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies, Google Sky lets you be a virtual space traveler with just a few clicks of a mouse. Here are some amazing images that are literally out of this world.

Lounge Lizard
I swear on my life this is 100% real. I was walking down the street looking for stuff to photograph and this guy is just sitting outside a coffee shop with this 80 year old woman and he is taking these little sofa things out of a bag. Then he opens another compartment in the bag and there are about five lizards like this guy. Then he would pose them and they would just sit there like this. Don't really know why.

10 Technologies That Will Change The World
ABCNews asked weekly columnists Jonathan Blum and Dan Evans to tell us about 10 technologies they believe will change the world. This is what they said.

Spiegelfechter: The Country formerly known as Burma
Bushs Job, die UN auf einen Konfrontationskurs mit Iran vorzubereiten, durften dieses Jahr seine neuen europäischen Pudel, Merkel und Sar-ko-zee, übernehmen. “His Madness himself” nahm sich der Menschenrechtslage und der Demokratie in Myanmar an. Und wenn der Fürst der Dunkelheit die Worte “Freiheit” und “Demokratie” in den Mund nimmt, muss die Welt zittern … im Falle Myanmars ist dies nicht nötig, da der Westen es bei Schaumschlägereien belassen wird.

Spiegelfechter: Myanmar an der Schwelle zum Bürgerkrieg?
Nachdem in den letzten Tagen Bilder (hier oder hier) von niedergeschlagenen Demonstranten und Massenunruhen das abgeriegelte Land Myanmar auf dem „Online-Weg“ verlassen konnten, hat die burmesische Militärjunta heute Vormittag (Ortszeit) die Internetverbindungen der staatlichen Provider gekappt. Informationen dringen nun nur noch über Telefon und langsame Einwahlverbindungen über ausländische Provider nach draußen – was die Übersendung von Bildmaterial massiv erschwert. Einige populäre burmesische Blogs konnten so durch die burmesische Junta bereits „stillgelegt“ werden. Nichtsdestotrotz gelangen weiterhin brisante Informationen über Netzaktivisten nach draußen.