Links vom 20. 9. 07: Omen, Daffy Duck, Video-Piraten, Rayguns, Meteoriten-Uhren und das Klassenzimmer aus der Zukunft

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omen.jpgYoutube: Omen Frankfurt - 15 Stunden Techno (Teil 1, Teil 2)
A shortfilm shot by Lillian Franck in 1994 at the legendary Techno-Club "Omen" in Frankfurt/Germany. Gives impressions of 15 hours on and behind the dancefloor. Sven Väth´s Omen was "the" Techno Location these days in Germany (outside Berlin).

Musikindustrie verkündet Schlag gegen eDonkey-Server
Abschaltung der weltweit größten eDonkey-Knotenpunkte: Die Musikindustrie verkündet einen großen Erfolg gegen einen Betreiber von eDonkey-Servern. Nach mehreren einstweiligen Verfügungen der Landgerichte Hamburg, Köln, Düsseldorf, Leipzig und Frankfurt habe dieser seine Server vom Netz genommen.

Teen Tragedy
A website dedicated to all those teenage death and tragedy songs from 1955 through 1969.

Daffy Duck sings Yesterday. Gnihihihihi...

Top 15 Albums of the Sixties
Rock journalism has never recovered from the sixties. Many institutions, such as the eternally sixties-tied Rolling Stone, have never recovered from the romanticized ecstasy of the decade. While future decades produced a greater quantity of great music (the seventies mostly), the highlights of the sixties stand with any other. Here is what this writer finds to be the best 15 albums of this often misunderstood decade.

A Bunch of Bootlegs:
Bjork, Suede, Arcade Fire, Black Keys, Alice In Chain, Rammstein, Dolores O´Riordan, Levellers, Cranberries, Massive Attack, Garbage...
The Doors - 1970-08-29 - Isle Of Wight Festival
Paul Simon - 1992-03-04 - Queens, NY
Paul Simon Live- Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA, 1991 @ 192
Nirvana: Pachyderm Studios February 1993 (In Utero First Week Mix)
Patti Smith - 1979-04-22 - Grugahalle Essen, Germany
Sonic Youth 1996-04-07 - Hallucinogenic Preserve @ 320


superman1.jpgPiracy news on 60 Minutes, from 1978 (Teil 1, Teil 2)
An entire 60 Minutes segment from 1978 that's all about video piracy in which Harry Reasoner investigates the (then) new-fangled videotape technology and what it will mean to the content owners when any Tom, Dick or Harry can copy any movie or TV show for free.
The piece features a wonderfully gruff and self-righteous Jack Valenti, who's frothing over piracy didn't change in tone much over the next 30 years despite the movie industry raking in gobs of cash from the home video market.
A memorable quote, from Reasoner: "They said it would happen, and it has. The day when you could go to the movies without leaving your living room!"

Reel Bad Arabs (Trailer)
This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged form the earliest days of silent film to today's biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs--from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding "terrorists"--along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today.

warofthedead.jpgWar of the Dead Episode 0: Pilot
The pilot episode introduces us to four members of the Security Division of the Zombie Emergency Response Operations task force. Between bloody flashbacks, they recount the details of their latest mission to the organization’s assigned psychiatrist. Against the horrific backdrop of a couple’s struggle to protect their undead children, we meet our protagonists and discover just what kind of personality it takes to make a living destroying the living dead.

guts.jpgDocumentary Inside the Living Body Delivers Organ Porn
We are a nation obsessed with our innards. Every week, hits like House and CSI invite us into a stranger's body, where we squirm and gag, all while peeking through our fingers to see more. Now, Inside the Living Body (airing in September on the National Geographic Channel) suctions out all that superfluous plot nonsense for what can be best described as organ porn. The two-hour documentary delivers one hi-def shot after another of, say, (A) a cold beer flowing down a man's gullet, (B) the neural network of the brain, (C) a boy's larynx stretching open during puberty, and (D) a teenager's muscle and bone growth spurt.

Deborah Scranton: Scenes from "The War Tapes"
Unangenehmer Film, der draufhält: Filmmaker Deborah Scranton talks about and shows clips from her documentary The War Tapes, which put cameras in the hands of Charlie Company, a unit of the National Guard, for one year in Iraq. The soldiers' raw footage and diary excerpts tell a powerful, unsettling story of modern war.


russianposter.jpgThe Museum Of Russian Posters

How to be a better client
id29, a creative agency with a client roster that includes Scholastic, The Case Foundation, Pitney Bowes MapInfo and Litespeed, has released How to Be a Better Client, a detailed handbook that provides clients, and aspiring clients, with step-by-step instructions on how to make sure their advertising/creative partners are profitable, happy, successful and effective.

Rayguns! Satellites! Zeitmaschinen!

The Beijing Watercube
PTW won the international design competition to create the National Swimming Centre for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in late 2003. The design, known as the “Watercube”, plays on the geometry of water bubbles, fantastically crystallised as a massive rectangular form.

This Superman classic shield tie features the classic red and gold logo against a royal blue background filled with dozens of transparent Superman shields. This tie is 100% polyester and perfect for fans of the Man of Steel.
Und dann hätten wir da noch das Superman-Laptop.

Big Shots in a Small World
An annual photo competition highlights the best of the best in light microscopy—from tiny diatoms to fluorescent zebra fish brains

Theo Jansen: The art of creating creatures
Dutch artist Theo Jansen demonstrates his amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures, built from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. His "Strandbeests" (Beach Creatures) are built to move and even survive on their own.

Und so.

mice.jpgEine Million Mäuse
Wie im Horrorfilm. Echt jetz: The Guiness Book of World Records' official record for worst mouse infestation ever (with video) will freak the shit out of you. Literally millions of meat-eating pig devouring Australian biblical plague mice!

Watches Made from Meteorite
Watchismo has assembled a collection of some of the most exclusive watches in the world, those crafted from meteorite metal.

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classroom.jpgClassroom of the Future
The 1987 GTE concept video Classroom of the Future demonstrates videophone technology as an essential tool in making people more productive. Sadly, it doesn't seem like kids of the future are any more intelligent.

Fliegenklatschen als Digitalstrategie
Angenommen, es stellt sich heraus, „Wetten dass” wird von einer Million Leute auf irgendwelchen nicht-offiziellen Plattformen im Internet gesehen, und die weigern sich hartnäckig, samstags um 20.15 Uhr die Show im ZDF einzuschalten. So what? Für einen kommerziellen Sender, der allein vom Verkauf der Werbezeiten lebte, wäre das heikel. Aber ARD und ZDF müssen das nicht. Das ist theoretisch ein sensationeller Wettbewerbsvorteil. Den Öffentlich-Rechtlichen kann es völlig egal sein, wenn zehn Prozent der Zuschauer die Sendungen nicht im Fernsehen sehen, sondern irgendwo, irgendwie anders. Ihr einziges Ziel muss es sein, gute Programme herzustellen, und dafür zu sorgen, dass sie ein möglichst großes Publikum finden – um der Inhalte selbst willen.

firefox.jpgFirefox car

Spiegelfechter: Zwei Minister im Notstand
Bedenklich stimmt es auch, wenn ein Bundesminister der Verteidigung, sich eine Gruppe von Soldaten heraussucht, die beteuert, dass ihre Loyalität nicht etwa der Verfassung gehört, sondern den Befehlen des Ministers – nichts anderes stellen die handverlesenen Alarmrotten in Neuburg und Wittmund dar, für die laut Angaben der SZ nur Piloten ausgewählt werden, “die im Fall eines übergesetzlichen Notstandes zur hundertprozentigen Befehlsausübung bereit sind“.

Blogger Play
Blogger Play is a real-time slideshow of photos Blogger users have recently uploaded to their blogs.

rubik.jpgYoutube: Citroën C1 | Rubik's Cube

Gems from the archive of the New York Times
Now that the NY Times has discontinued their Times Select subscription program and made much more of their 150+ years of content available for anyone to read and link to, let's take a look at some of the more notable items that the non-subscriber has been missing.
The first mention of the World Wide Web in the Times in February 1993.
An article about the confirmation of Einstein's theory of gravity by a 1919 expedition led by Arthur Eddington to measure the bending of starlight by the sun during an eclipse.
The first mention of television (as a concept) in the Times, from February 1907.
a report on the sinking of the Titanic

facebot.jpgFace changing Robot
The WD-2 (Waseda-Docomo face robot No.2) is a face-changing robot from the Takanishi Laboratory at Waseda University in Japan. Servo motors move armatures connected to contact points on a face mask made of Septon, a thermoplastic rubber.

Forbidden LEGO
Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against

iPod Cassette Tape Cases
The 45 iPod Cases web site offers a wide selection of cases made from cassette tapes, built to fit your 1st and 2nd generation iPod Nano