Links vom 19. 9. 07: Sex Pistols, The End, mobiles Hausen, der Urknall und das Wii-Lichtschwert


sexpistols.jpgSex Pistols are back for one off gig!
Sex Pistols have exclusively revealed details of a one off London gig to NME.COM today (September 18).
The band are set to play Brixton Academy on November 8.
Speaking about their return to the London gig scene for the first time since 2002, Sex Pistols' frontman John Lydon explained: "Maybe it's because we're all Londoners, but there would be no Sex Pistols without dear old London town." (via)

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle
Here's one of the awesome-est music videos I've seen, ever. Johan Söderberg (who's worked for Madonna or Robbie Williams, so he's no amateur) edited a vintage footage from a religious happening so it looks like a rave party. (via)

boysnoize.jpgBoys Noize
Boys Noize’s Oi Oi Oi is set to be released in North America on Last Gang and Tiga’s Turbo Records. 2007 has been a year of epic electronic albums, and with Oi Oi Oi, Boys Noize just adds fuel to that fire. This will rank up there on year end lists along with Justice and Simian Mobile Disco.

Record Labels Use Piracy Data to Please Fans
Most people assume that record labels hate filesharing, but it seems that some companies actually use it as a research tool. We found out that Interscope records, and probably other record companies as well, use P2P data to determine which tracks they will release as their next single.
In this specific case Interscope asked MediaDefender to check whether one of “Pussycat Doll” Nicole Scherzinger’s leaked singles is getting some traction on P2P networks. Her first single “Whatever U Like” isn’t selling well and they want to find out if pushing the track “Baby Love” is a good idea. Valuable information for them apparently, and it shows that P2P is not all bad, it’s a tool.


theend.jpgThe End
A Flick set showing screencaps of famous film endings.

Directed (1960) by Bert I. Gordon. Starring Richard Carlson, Susan Gordon and Lugene Sanders.
A man lets a former flame fall to her death rather than let her interfere with his new relationship, but her ghost returns to disrupt his impending nuptials.



Get Out from Behind the Curtain
As designers, we are often thought of—and think of ourselves—as vendors, offering design services. Sometimes an adversarial relationship develops, with clients giving orders and designers taking them (cursing all the while). Including clients in the design process can change this relationship, facilitating knowledge transfer, building trust, and fostering a sense of partnership.
“Including clients in the design process” may sound like death by a thousand paper cuts. I used to think that designing with clients was a really bad idea. I didn’t want them around me while I was “doing my work.” They just seemed to get in the way.
But as the design challenges I faced grew in complexity, I soon realized I truly needed the wisdom of the whole team—clients and all—to create a stellar experience. Furthermore, I’ve discovered that with practice, patience, and a healthy dose of planning, you can dramatically improve the quality of your work, the likelihood of its acceptance, and the integrity of its implementation.

mobile.jpgMobile Urban Architecture: From Portable Housing to Temporary Hotel Rooms
The world’s interest physical mobility has, to the surprise of many urban theorists, not decreased with the rise of global digital communication. In fact, people are more mobile than ever, changing jobs, cities, or even countries with increased frequency. This trend has played out in a variety of interesting ways when it comes to architecture and urbanism. More and more designers are developing nomadic alternatives to traditional models of static urban living.

The Thin White Sketchbook
Comic-Zeichner zeichnen David Bowie

Yoda Sketchbook
Comic-Zeichner zeichnen Yoda!


Du bist ein moderner Mensch.
Du bist im Internet, du hast eine eigene Myspace-Seite, und bei Myspace hast du 237 Freunde; überwiegend Musiker, die du mittels lobender Kommentare gesammelt hast, damit du damit angeben kannst, Celebrities zu kennen - zumindest die kleinen, nichts besonderes (wie du gern nachschiebst).
Du bist kreativ, aber deine Kreativität geht nicht über das Kopieren bereits vorhandener Originale hinaus. Du planst noch Großes mit deinem Talent.

Die Sonne geht gerade auf, eigentlich ein schöner Anblick, wenn man mitten auf einer Wiese steht, es ist ruhig, ja man möchte glatt sagen, es ist friedlich, niemand um mich herum, der mir in diesem Moment auf die Nerven geht, während ich damit beschäftigt bin, ins Gebüsch zu kotzen. Meine Lippe tut weh. Aber warum?

Vor Herrn Karl Auers Haustür hat heute nacht jemand hingekotzt. Die Polizei geht davon aus, dass es sich dabei um ein Erbrechen handelt. Gnihihihihihihi...

Hier reflektiert der Kardinal
­Eine ganz normale Woche ist zu Ende gegangen. Die Finanzminister diskutieren über die europäische Zentralbank, Bayern hat unentschieden gespielt, die Tagen werden kürzer, die Nächte kälter. Und am Montag hat Eva Herman gesagt, dass die Familienpolitik der Nazis ganz in Ordnung gewesen sei. Und am Sonnabend hat der Kölner Kardinal gesagt, dass Kunst ohne Gott entartet sei.
Meine Güte, was ist es nur mit den Nazis, dass alle sie so populär finden. Hätte Eva Herman nicht sagen können, dass die Familienpolitik Adenauers super gewesen ist, oder dass nicht alles schlecht unter Kaiser Wilhelm war? Hätte der Kardinal nicht sagen können, Kunst ohne Gott sei gottlos und Gottlose gehörten vor ein Gericht der Inquisition?
Was haben die Pappnasen dieses Landes nur an den Nazis gefressen?

Und so.

masterchief.jpgPapercraft Master Chief from Halo

Faire Nutzung, faule Tricks
Eine neue Studie soll zeigen, dass der ökonomische Nutzen von Urheberrechtsverletzungen mehr zur Wirtschaft beiträgt als das Urheberrecht selbst. Hat jemand sie gelesen?

Erste stellare Generation nach dem Urknall
Hubble-Teleskop blickt 13 Milliarden Jahre zurück in die Frühzeit des Universums und entdeckt die ersten galaktischen Bausteine

Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project!

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village
Villagers in southern Peru were struck by a mysterious illness after a meteorite made a fiery crash to Earth in their area, regional authorities said Monday.

ledbumerang.jpgLED + Bumerang + lange Belichtungszeit = Magic!
Science of Boomerangs: How to Make & Throw the Aussie Magic

Metaplace - a virtual world creation system that lets anyone make their own multiplayer games, link them and share them. (via)

NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Bloggers
There are literally millions of bloggers out there, each of them with their own voice and style, and yet in the blogging world, a handful stand out.

sw.jpgWii Lightsaber
Das ist für mich ein Grund, mir eine Wii zuzulegen: LucasArts announced today that Krome Studios is developing a version of the game for the Nintendo console, and players will finally get to use the Wiimote for its intended purpose - as a lightsaber! With the Wiimote saber and the nunchuk controlling force powers, I'll be hard pressed to choose which console to pick the game up for.

Hands on with Google Presentations
Last night, Google unveiled the latest component of Google Docs, the long-awaited presentation component of its free, online office application suite. Like the word processing and spreadsheet components of Google Docs, Presentations are stored online and can be worked on collaboratively by a number of users at the same time.

iPhone-Unlock per Gratis-Software
Seit gestern verfügt die Macnotes-Redaktion über ein iPhone - und wie der Zufall es will, veröffentlichte am gleichen Tag das iPhoneDev-Hackerteam eine erste kostenlose Software-Lösung, um das iPhone von der Bindung an AT&T-SIM-Karten zu befreien (vulgo: Unlock). Wie versprochen dokumentieren wir den Unlock in Bildern (englischsprachige Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen finden sich z.B. hier und hier) und können bestätigen: Es funktioniert.

Fotos vom Tokyo Fischmarkt. Yummy!