Links vom 15. 9. 07: Hardcore Turtles, Eva Herzigova, RAF, Logotrends und Schäubles Weltbild

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tmnt.jpgTeenage Mutant Hardcore Turtles
TMNT cover a Throwdown song, you fucking bastards.

Hip Hop is dead
René freut sich dass die Umsatzzahlen im Hip-Hop zurückgehen, Simon kommentiert dazu, ich kommentier jetzt Simon: Auch Gangsterrap hat seine Daseinsberechtigung. Genauso wie Studentenrap, Müslirap, Conscious-Rap, Battle-Rap und Blödelrap. Schade isses halt nur wenn sich die Medien nur auf eine Schiene beschränken und damit das immer gleiche, einseitige Bild von Hip-Hop zeichnen. Das im Moment aus Musik aus dem Ghetto, Schimpfwörtern, frauenverachtenden Texten, und Gewalt besteht. Aber das geht ja nicht nur uns Hoppern so, das ist ein allgemeines Medien-Problem.

Trent Reznor Interview
- I know people have it and I know it's on everybody's iPods, but the climate is such that people don't buy it because it's easier to steal it.
- You're a bit of a computer geek. You must have been there, too?
- Oh, I understand that -- I steal music too, I'm not gonna say I don't. But it's tough not to resent people for doing it when you're the guy making the music, that would like to reap a benefit from that. On the other hand, you got record labels that are doing everything they can to piss people off and rip them off.

40 P.A.S Drum Video Lessons
How to Play Drums and Drumset
A Drum Lessons Database - The Drums Resource for Players and Music Educators.

A Bunch of Bootlegs:
Bob Dylan Live in the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA, 1965 @ 192


eva.jpgA pair of unusual videos starring supermodel Eva Herzigova

TV Torrents: When 'piracy' is easier than legal purchase
NBC's recent withdraw from the iTunes store leaves the millions of users of Apple iPods without a legitimate way to purchase and watch NBC's content. Could this be the push that brings easy-to-use 'piracy' to the masses? This article discusses the issues, and then provides step-by-step instructions to setup a computer to automatically download any of hundreds of TV shows as soon as they are broadcast and put online.

Star Trek Retro Action Figures
These classic Star Trek action figures are made for action! Nope you won't see a wussy Jean-Luc Picard figurine holding a cup of Earl Gray Tea with his pinky sticking out, nah this set features Kirk with a phaser set to kill and a Klingon pal ready to rumble.

scared.jpgScared to Death
Scared to Death is a 1947 horror movie starring Béla Lugosi, shot in Cinecolor, and is one of only three colour pictures he was in and is the only color picture he starred in. The film is notable for its narration by a dead woman - she describes the events leading up to her death.
From a slab in the morgue, a dead young woman tells the bizarre tale of how she got there, through a maze of murder involving a hypnotist, a midget and a mysterious figure in a blue mask.

"Family Guy: Blue Harvest" Concept Art
Here's a first look at concept art from the "Family Guy" special episode called "Blue Harvest" -- a hilarious homage to the Star Wars saga as unique as only Seth MacFarlane and his talented team of writers can make it.


“Als mein Vater bei der RAF war” - oder “Wie ich meinem Vater mal den Verfassungsschmutz auf den Hals hetzte”
Ich war daher schon früh gezwungen ausgeklügelte Lausch-Strategien zu entwickeln, um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. Die einfachste Methode war es aus dem Kinderzimmerfenster zu klettern, ums Haus zu schleichen und sich unter das geöffnete Wohnzimmerfenster zu setzen. Leider war das im Winter kalt und während der warmen Jahreszeiten rief die blöde Frau B. von nebenan immer herüber, was man denn da machen würde. (via)


japanesegraphics.jpgPingmag: Japanese Graphic Design 2002–2006
For four years, editor Tomoko Sakamoto of Spanish publisher Actar, dug through amounts of artful paper works - to present a wider picture of the Japanese graphic and illustration scene. In JPG2 - Japan Graphics we now happily encounter several old buddies we were accompanying since the beginning of our beloved mag and that were featured here extensively before. PingMag talked to Tomoko to hear about the changes and tendencies in Japan since the first edition, Japan Graphics 1, in 2002.

Burning Man '07 seen from above (hi-res jpeg)
Link to 8698 x 8735 pixel 7.32 MB jpeg of Black Rock City, as seen from space the sky, during Burning Man 2007.

Using surgical tools, Brian Dettmer removes paper like an archeologist releasing a fossil from layers of sediment, thereby unveiling connections between words and images hundreds of pages away from each other (via)

Zwei Typovideos bei Alohastone

Logotrends 2007
Today, for many trends there is now a countertrend – and this is not only the case for logo design. The public and its likes and dislikes have become fragmented across the spectrum. Companies who need logos and designer who create logos are forced to respond accordingly. It has become increasingly difficult to simply look in one direction or the other.

light.jpgSeduced by Light
United Visual Artists – the Massive Attack visuals maestros get to grips with Battles in a Welsh quarry. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and more.

Tauba Auerbach
Wunderbares Typo-Portfolio

Batman Comic Book Cover : Neal Adams' Wrap Around
This is the cover for Batman #238. It's really cool how the front & back is one seamless image...

Und so.

leavealone.jpgLeave General Petraeus Alone
President George W. Bush addresses the nation and pleads for everyone to leave General Petraeus alone... Hihihi...

Der Irak in Zahlen
Prozentsatz der irakischen nationalen Polizei, der schiitisch ist: 85%
Anzahl der Gefangenen in US-Gefängnissen im Irak: 24.500 (davon 85% sunnitisch)
Anzahl der ausländischen Jihad-Verdächtigen in diesen Gefängnissen: 280 (davon sind fast die Hälfte Saudis)
Anzahl der 11-17jährigen in diesen Gefängnissen: 800

japantreadmills.jpgJapan Treadmill Madness (via)

Zeno: Toy Robot with Artificial Intelligence
David Hanson of Hanson Robotics developed a robot (named Zeno, after his real life equivalent: his son) that can recognize faces, convey emotion, engage in conversation and move around: "It’s a representation of robotics as a character animation medium, one that is intelligent," said Hanson.

Bildblog: Lachen mit

island.jpgGrow Island
Nettes Flashgame. Erinnert sich noch jemand an den Grow Cube?

Flashgame: Snake with a Twist

‘I’ve stood around too long’
Two students at Central Kings Rural High School fought back against bullying recently, unleashing a sea of pink after a new student was harassed and threatened when he showed up wearing a pink shirt.

Clouds that look like UFOs

Youtube: What you can find on the internet
Greybloke entdeckt Porno im Internet. So extremly explicit, you could see everything.

netzpolitik: BKA-Gesetz und Schäubles Weltbild
Die ZEIT hat heute eine schöne Analyse des BKA-Gesetzentwurfs, der vor kurzem an die Öffentlichkeit gelangt war. Es geht hier nämlich um viel mehr als den Bundestrojaner. Deutlich wird, dass immer mehr die prozessualen Hürden (Richtervorbehalt etc.) für schwerwiegende Eingriffe aufgeweicht werden sollen.