Links vom 13. 9. 07: Beatbox, Transformerskissen, Steampunk und zwei Joy Division Filme


beatboxing.jpgYoutube: Felix Zenger - Beatboxing
Unglaublich! (Website von Felix Zenger)

Blame it on Bootie...A 70's Themed Mashup Compilation Record
Just released this past weekend was the 70's themed mashup compilation from BBI productions. This is a very clever record containing a wide array of artists including Dizzee Rascal, The Temptations, The Killers, Roxy Music, Doobie Brothers and plenty more.

A Bunch of Bootlegs:
Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Van Morrisson, Billy Idol, Van Halen, Genesis, Ramones, Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac...
Led Zeppelin - 1973-01-22 - Southampton
the Flaming Lips - Y2K
Greenday - Live At Point Center
The Horror - Psychotic Sounds for Freaks and Weirdos
Electric light orchestra - 1976-03-19 - Boston, Orpheum theatre
Guns N' Roses - ''The Hell Revisited'' [Aces High Sound Production]
Peter Gabriel - 1978-10-04 - New York


simpsonsalc.jpgSimpsons Drinking Set
To Alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems! What better way to appreciate alcohol than with this Simpsons Hip Flask and Shot Glass Set. Each shot glass comes with a different picture of Homer and one of his infamous slogans.

Kurt Russell vs Patrick Swayze
When I was a kid I thought that Kurt Russell was the coolest guy in the world. He was tough, mean, trashy, funny, and even kicked demon ass in Big Trouble in Little China. And yeah, he was Snake Plissken. But outside of the John Carpenter films, he didn't do much for me. At the same time I hated Patrick Swayze. Of course, this is the time that Dirty Dancing had taken over the world: from an omnipresent soundtrack, to the fact that every girl in my high school was obsessed with it. Heck, I had a girlfriend that used to come home and watch it on VHS every day during lunch break. And through it all I couldn't help but watch the movie and think that Swayze was such a pussy, if you'll pardon my 17-year-old vernacular.

transformerskissen.jpgTransformers-Kissen. Nuff said.

Trailer for documentary about 4-year-old abstract painter
My Kid Could Paint That is a documentary about a 4-year-old girl whose abstract paintings fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars. She was a darling of the media, a target of art critics, and an alleged victim of manipulative parents.

Hey, it's another Joy Division movie!
Director and cinematographer Grant Gee, whose work you may know from Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy and Demon Days Live (with Gorillaz), has a new film out soon: Joy Division.

Control auf dem Toronto Film Festival
There is a stereotype that when music video directors try to break into the world of feature filmmaking they can layer on the flash and verve, but telling a story and developing solid characters gives them fits. With CONTROL Anton Corbijn not only avoids this trap, he goes as far as he can in the other direction and in the process he's created a timeless, masterful feature debut about Ian Curtis and Joy Division.


colors.jpgDark and Fleshy: The Color of Top Grossing Movies
Once lined up, I went over them one by one selecting a) the overall or background color, b) one or two of the most visible colors, and c) one or two accent colors. Ignoring any minimum-impact colors along the way. After picking out the colors, I arranged them, via gradients, on a horizontal bar, using the background color as the base and then eyeballing the “amount” of the rest of the colors to create an approximation of the colors you would see if you squinted at the poster or if you had really blurry vision.

Photoshop Secret Shortcuts
It is proven that by using software shortcuts can boost up productivity. Here are 30 secret Photoshop shortcuts that I’ve learned from years of experience. Well, what I mean by "secret" is that these shortcuts are not documented in the menus. Keep reading and you will find how these shortcuts can speed up your productivity. I bet you don’t know all of them.

steampunk.jpgWhat the Fuck is Steampunk?
So if you save the term "steampunk" for only those things that might actually be driven by vapor, what would you call things that might not use steam themselves, but fit cleanly in the same fantastic genre? I considered "clockwork," but that implies gears and springs, which often appear as stylistic chrome, but are rarely functional. Look at Jake von Slatt's famous Steampunk LCD and Keyboard. It looks like it's made of brass and marble, could easily be imagined on the oaken desk of a zeppelin captain, but doesn't appear to use steam or gears at all, real or imagined. But if it's not steampunk, what is it? "Victorian?" That doesn't imply the alternate timeline that "steampunk" does.

Brands of the World
Alle Ziemlich viele Logos im Illustrator-Format.

Und so.

orangebox.jpgOrange Box including: Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, and a 10-level version of Peggle
Along with an announcement yesterday of a pre-order price for the upcoming "Orange Box" collection of games from Valve software—perhaps one of the best gaming deals of recent memory, including Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal, and a 10-level version of Peggle, as well as access to the original Half-Life 2 and HL2: Episode 1 for just $45 when pre-ordered over the digital download service Steam—Valve also released the third in their "Meet the" trailer series for the multiplayer online team shooter, Team Fortress 2. Even if you aren't convinced that Valve makes some of the most subtle, thoughtful, and well-polished games in the industry—and they do—the trailers they've been releasing describing the character classes in Team Fortress 2 have been top shelf.

Redefining the Architecture of Memory
The ability to cram more data into less space on a memory chip or a hard drive has been the crucial force propelling consumer electronics companies to make ever smaller devices. It shrank the mainframe computer to fit on the desktop, shrank it again to fit on our laps and again to fit into our shirt pockets.
Now, if an idea that Stuart S. P. Parkin is kicking around in an I.B.M. lab here is on the money, electronic devices could hold 10 to 100 times the data in the same amount of space. That means the iPod that today can hold up to 200 hours of video could store every single TV program broadcast during a week on 120 channels.

keepon.jpgGetting Fresh with Keepon @ Nextfest
Last night I got a chance to get up close and personal with Keepon, the friendly dancing robot, at the Wired Nextfest Creative Commons Benefit.

“Internet-Tauschbörsen – zwischen Spaß und Staatsanwalt”
Heute fand ein Fachgespräch der Grünen Bundestagsfraktion zmit dem Titel “Fachgespräch zu “Internet-Tauschbörsen – zwischen Spaß und Staatsanwalt” im Bundestag statt. Hintergrund der Debatte war die Umsetzung der Richtlinie zur Durchsetzung Geistigen Eigentums und hier vor allem die Diskussion um ein Auskunftsrecht für Rechteinhaber, damit die Unterhaltungsindustrie besser Tauschbörsennutzer bekämpfen kann.

NSF's Dark Web project will "snag extremists and terrorists online"
Using advanced techniques such as Web spidering, link analysis, content analysis, authorship analysis, sentiment analysis and multimedia analysis, Chen and his team can find, catalogue and analyze extremist activities online. According to Chen, scenarios involving vast amounts of information and data points are ideal challenges for computational scientists, who use the power of advanced computers and applications to find patterns and connections where humans can not.

The age of disaster capitalism
In the days after 9/11, America's firefighters, nurses and teachers were hailed as the country's heroes. But President Bush's embracing of the public sector didn't last long. As the dust settled on the twin towers, the White House launched an entirely new economy, based on security - with the belief that only private firms could meet the challenge. In this exclusive extract from her new book, Naomi Klein reports on those who see a profitable prospect in a grim future.

A Brief History of Programming Languages
We've come a long way from computers programmed with wires and punch cards. Maybe not as far as some would like, though. Here are the innovations in programming.

Lieber Unbekannter Kommentator, wir müssen reden, bzw. muss eigentlich nur ich reden, und zwar mit Dir über Dich. Wir klären später, warum und wie Du stinkst, lass uns erst gemeinsam zur Überzeugung gelangen, dass Du stinkst. Es ist gar nicht so schwer, Du musst einfach Deinen eigenen Kommentar lesen und Dir kurz zuvor heftig mit etwas sehr Hartem auf den Schädel schlagen, etwa so stark, dass Du beim Wort „ich” aus Deinem Mund überlegen musst, wer gemeint ist. Getan? Fein!

Wikipedia: Timeline of the most important inventions