Links vom 11. 9. 07: Jack Black, Indiana Jones, War of the Worlds und der König der Marihuana-Bauern


jackblack1.jpgYoutube: 'Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear in A Music Store' as performed by Jack Black (via)

Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8
Music, a mode of creative expression consisting of sound and silence expressed through time, was given a 6.8 out of 10 rating in an review published Monday on Pitchfork Media, a well-known music-criticism website. According to the review, authored by Pitchfork editor in chief Ryan Schreiber, the popular medium that predates the written word shows promise but nonetheless "leaves the listener wanting more." (via)

When The Music’s Over
Ich bekomme einfach keinen hoch derzeit, wenn es um Musikbegeisterung geht.

The Worst Jobs in Rock & Roll
Ah, the life of a music-biz grunt. Sure, the pay’s OK — but is it worth the junkie-defending, bullet-dodging, heiress-stewarding headache?
#1: Pete Doherty’s lawyer

Vintage 78rpm Record Labels

Billboard Top 100 Videos von 1980 bis 1989

A Bunch of Bootlegs:

johnandpaul.jpgJohn Lennon & Paul McCartney - A Toot and a Snore
A Toot and a Snore in '74 is a rare bootleg album of the final recording session in which John Lennon and Paul McCartney played together, which gained wider prominence when McCartney made reference to the session in a 1997 interview. Lennon did the same in a 1975 interview. [...] Lennon sounds to be on cocaine – he can be heard offering Wonder a snort on the first track, and on the fifth, asks someone to give him a snort. This is also the origin of the album name, where John Lennon clearly asks: “You wanna snort, Steve? A toot? It's goin’ round.”

Wilco Live in San Jose CA, 2004 @ 192 (Crowd)
Wilco Live in New Orleans LA, 2000 @ 192
The Who 1982 Farewell Tour Who's Last @ 320
Bob Marley & Peter Tosh - Kingston Days
Bruce Spingsteen & E-Street Band - Charleston, West Virginia, August 4th 1978

A Fistfull of DJ Sets:
Diplo (aka Wesley Pentz) just released a new mix he did for Pitchfork
Moonbootica - Nightwax 09/09
Annie Nightingale @ BBC Radio1 09/10


starwarslamp.jpgLuke: Turn to the Light Side!
Eine Darth Vader-Lampe hatten wir auch noch nicht. Glaub' ich.

South Park wins Emmy for World of Warcraft episode
Last night the South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (less than one hour).

Indiana Jones and... the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls? Actor Shia LaBeouf announced the title of the new Indiana Jones movie at the MTV Video Music Awards. But what was George Lucas' inspiration? Where did these Crystal Skulls come from? These ancient objects have been referenced in many places, including an episode of StarGate SG-1, imaginatively titled "Crystal Skull". There is also a Festival and a not-for-profit Foundation dedicated to researching these artifacts.


joshuadavis.jpgJoshua Davis: Infinitely Interesting
Joshua Davis is a design troublemaker. “A lot of printers ask me how I created my work,” he says mischievously. “Because technically, it’s not actually possible.”
Davis creates electronically generated graphic compositions of almost unimaginable complexity and individuality. Equally at home with print and electronic media, he builds his own Flash-based programs to combine and recombine colors borrowed from nature with forms that include organic shapes, text elements, and other symbols.

mmo.jpgYoutube: MFO presents "Aviorama"
"Aviorama" is a live video show made for three screens. It features very special material filmed at the local airport and flight control tower, being reworked to an immersive and dense impression, woven to visual poetry, to visual music.

wotw.jpgWar of the Worlds - Online Comic von Ian Edginton und D'Israeli

Making the Cover
John Maeda describes the process of designing the cover for the most recent issue of Key, the NY Times occasional real estate magazine.

Hektor the spray painting robot
Hektor is a portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers. It was created in close collaboration with engineer Uli Franke for Jürg Lehni's diploma project at écal (école cantonale d'art de Lausanne) in 2002.

metal.jpgForevertron: World’s Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture by Dr. Evermor
From a distance, Dr. Evermor’s "park" in Wisconsin looks like a junk yardfull of twisted metals and rusted machines, but it houses one of the coolest sculptures ever: Forevertron. Standing at 120 feet wide, 60 feet deep, 50-foot tall, and weighing 320 ton, this behemoth of an artwork is billed as the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture.

Und so.

2000.jpgFrench Prints Show the Year 2000 (1910)
The National Library of France (BnF) has an amazing collection of prints from 1910 which depict life in the year 2000. They are credited to Villemard. There's speculation that they were included with "foodstuffs" of the era...
This is an experiment to see whether I can quickly find relevant web sites based on people’s tags/bookmarks on, using a home-brewed association engine. It answers the question “people who tagged this site also tagged what other sites”. I am using it mostly to find blogs that are similar to the ones I read, and to find new popular web sites that are in my area.

marihuana.jpgInterview with king of the pot farmers, Ed Rosenthal
From a certain perspective, Ed Rosenthal may have caught a break when Judge Breyer sentenced him to just one day in prison plus time served when he was convicted for growing hundreds of marijuana plants in Oakland, California. But it would be difficult to argue that his trial was anything short of Kafkaesque. Rosenthal had been deputized by the City of Oakland to grow medical marijuana. But after being busted by the Feds, he was not even allowed to mention his relationship to the lawful government of Oakland nor was he allowed to present witnesses who could talk about it.

Cadaeic Cadenza is a 3834-word story by Mike Keith where each word in sequence has the same number of letters as the corresponding digit in pi. (via) 1997-2007
Here are the last 9 10 years of, compiled via’s Wayback Machine

Crazy Questions at Google Job Interview
A friend of mine had an interview a couple weeks ago with Google Inc. He provided me a list of just some of the questions he was asked
1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
6. How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?

Hidden method of reading revealed
Previously, researchers thought that, when reading, both eyes focused on the same letter of a word. But a UK team has found this is not always the case. In fact, almost 50% of the time, each of our eyes locks on to different letters simultaneously.