R.E.M. 2.0

Huch! Majors k??nnen doch mit 2.0, wenn sie nur wollen, oder wie?

Ethan Kaplan is Head of Tech for Warner Bros Records and he's one of the good guys, a 28-year-old geek who's trying valiantly to get the record industry to stop fighting the weather and embrace technology (Boing Boing)

Und Ethan selbst berichtet ?ber den REM-Gig in Dublin:

REM went Web 2.0 during their Dublin shows and allowed the fans, the band and the label (me) to collaborate on a site. It was very interesting in that not many people (ultimately) were in Dublin, and yet for everyone, it felt that we were all there.

Through YouTube, audio, photos, the Murmurs.com boards and blogging, the experience carried worldwide so that at the end of the 5 day stint, all of us were smiling, whether in Dublin or not.

Geht doch!