Thomas Briggs macht Kunst mit Physikformeln, f?llt Variablen mit eigenen Vorgaben und benutzt die Ergebnisse f?r Kunst, die extrem kraftvoll und detailverliebt ist:

The computational realization of gesture in my practice entails the construction of of a spatial field of action. In this space various mathematical functions which represent small aspects of movement are distributed. The sum of the various functions is recorded for millions of points in space. These data are collated and translated into thousands of drawing primitives which are written into an image file for printing and archiving.

My methods resemble physical simulation and data visualization from the sciences, but I turn them to my own uses. I feel that I have more complete control over what comes out of my methods than by using algorithmic or fractal mathematics. I am emulating natural forces that create patterning in the real world, such as alluvial flows, turbulation and the like.