05.06.2007 Misc Tech #Gadgets

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Was es nicht alles gibt. Der Pileus l?dt ?ber WLAN Bilder aus Flickr und Youtube und hat eine eingebaute Kamera, 3D-Navigation ?ber Google Earth und und und. Social Regenschirm2.0 oder sowas:

Pileus is an umbrella connected to the Internet to make walking in rainy days fun. Pileus has a large screen on the top surface, a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS, and a digital compass, and it provides two main functions; A Social Photo-sharing and A 3D Map Navigation.
The photo function is connected to a major web service "Flickr". A user can take photo with a camera on the umbrella, and pictures are uploaded to Flickr in two minutes with context tags via a wireless Internet connection. User can also enjoy theirselves watching photo-streams downloaded from Flickr (and video-stream from YouTube on an advanced proto) with simple operation of wrist snapping.