Paris Hilton Punk!

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Das ist das Video zu dieser Aktion von "Banksy", der 500 remixte Paris Hilton-CDs mitsamt neuen Booklets in ganz England in die großen Plattenläden schmuggelte.

(English: This is the Video for Banksys latest Performance, where he remixed 500 Paris Hilton-CDs together with Booklet and smuggled these into major CD-Stores across whole England)

(Youtube Parislink)

This Blog is dedicated to simply everything, I write about personal stuff such as memories and stuff that happens to me (all of the time unfortunately) and I keep posting links, most of which I find on Boing Boing (you get that very subtile and funny joke, don't you?) and other sites. I also had a MP3-Dump going on, but then the lawyers came and took it away from me together with about 800 Euros of money. These bastards! So don't you buy Major Companies Music, these suck anyways. Just buy, let's say, Arctic Monkeys, which play brillant on stage and they really really have some very nice tunes.

Well, what to say more? Make love, keep the Internet alive, visit the Five Moviefriends and support your f**king war of terror.