Boom Shakalaka!

26.08.2005 Misc #Spam

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via Boing Boing gibs Spam die Spasse mache:

„Hello Sir, Editor
How do you do there in New-York? Me and Mahatma are waitin' for any news from you. Don't you forget all your friends in India? :) As for us, we are all right. Mahatma got new job in farmaceuticals company here in Bjenin. You ask me recently what to do to fuck longer. Hm, thats a problem, dude.
But Mahatma told me about one shit she making on she's job. Just put halv a pill under your tongue 15 minutes before boom shakalaka :) and fuck all night long.
BTW, they could send it to you. Here their internet page [redacted] It will solve all your problems, trust Mahatma :) Hope to see ya someday, write me about live abroad.“