A steaming pile of Sith?

03.06.2005 Movies #StarWars

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Hier gibt's eine sehr lustige Rezension zu Ep3: „Before I go on, I have to address something that all you stupid Star Wars nerds are probably thinking right about now: 'But Maddox, it's a movie made for kids, what do you expect?!'
Even Lucas stated in an interview with the BBC that: 'The movies are for children but (the fans) don't want to admit that.'
Oh really? It just so happens that this 'children's movie' has a scene where a guy gets his hands chopped off, a graphic decapitation, the wanton slaughter of children (the highlight of any movie), and the coolest scene in any space action movie starring Ewan McGregor: Anakin getting his legs chopped off as his stumps catch fire while his face melts.
By the way, if you haven't seen this movie yet, don't read the previous sentence.“