Pulp Doodlebombs by Hattie Stewart

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Flying Paintball

Ein fliegender Edding-Ball voller Helium und Tinte von Karina Smigla-Bobinski. Ein fliegender Edding-Ball! Ich will jetzt sofort 'nen fliegenden Edding-Ball…

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The Punisher – Trailer

Erster richtiger Trailer zu Netflix' Punisher-Serie. Metallica is' halt schon bisschen on the nose, aber das sieht anständig aus. After…

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Das großartige Tumblelog Liartown USA von Sean Tejaratchi (der Typ mit dem Banksy-Zitat, übrigens) hat sich ein Buch gegönnt und weil ich persönlich den Hals nicht vollkriegen kann von Social Justice Kittens, Black Metal Apartment Buildings, TED-Talks from a slightly creepy Parallel-Universe, Big Books of Online Trolling oder auch die ganz besonders beliebten Difficult-to-Strip-to Hits, habe ich mir das Teil grade vorbestellt, erscheint am 14. November.

LIARTOWN: The First Four Years (2013-2017)
by Sean Tejaratchi

Welcome to LiarTown. A place every bit as baffling as this one, where wolves lurk inside kitchen appliances and powerful elk make unwanted sexual advances in corporate hallways. A world uncomfortably close to our own, where ordinary lesbians glimpse terrifying future disasters and the ghosts of naked soldiers still prance around the battlefields of the Civil War.

But it’s a gentle world, too. A world of huggable business dolls and moisturized birds, Swedish spider-squirrels and therapeutic couple's DJs. A welcoming world where parents forego traumatic exorcisms and accept their possessed children, demons and all. A world where the enduring love for a simple gull reaches across decades and continents. A world where you can make love to absolutely anything you want once you get to Heaven.

For the past four years, Tejaratchi’s Liartown USA blog has delighted dozens of online visitors with each new slice of satirical visual commentary. With a selection of the best posts (and a sprinkling of otherwise unseen material) collected into a glossy, full-color trade paperback, readers can now immerse themselves in an alternate world of blockbusters, bestsellers, and bullshit.

Hier ein Buch-Trailer und ein paar alte Favs aus'm Lügenkaff: Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

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Well said Gobbledygook

I'm really serious: You gotta ❤️ McSweeneys --> I’VE READ 5 OF THE 143 WORDS IN YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS, AND NOW I HATE YOU, OLD FRIEND.

I am outraged beyond belief by the despicable opinion I have convinced myself you have posted on Facebook. I have thus written this diatribe as a response, tagging you, so that your mom, that guy you met at that conference in Miami, and the other three people you know who still bother to read Facebook responses of more than ten words will all be briefed on the fact that I am extremely irate about what I think you wrote.

It is true that I have lately been looking for a reason to go apeshit on anyone, even to the point of driving slightly over the white-dotted line on the parkway, in hopes of causing another driver to give me the finger while passing me so that I could blame him for sparking a road rage incident that could potentially land me in the morgue. This is no doubt due to a potent combination of the unusually rainy weather; the current state of American politics; and the plot twists in this season of Game of Thrones. Nevertheless, because it is out of my power to change any of those, I have chosen to misread your status and place my anger squarely on your shoulders (and Facebook page).

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

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Inside the Hypnotic Art of Card Juggling

„Cards twirling, knuckles blazing, hands-a-blur—welcome to cardistry, the sleight of hand acrobatic sensation all done with a simple deck of…

17:02 Science #Planets #Saturn #Space

The Strangest Sights Cassini Saw: Postcards From Saturn

„Feast your eyes on icy volcanoes, ethane lakes, and ripples in Saturn's rings - all courtesy of a doomed space…

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Vor drei Jahren stellte StackExchange-User Joe Z folgende Aufgabe: „Build a working game of Tetris in Conway’s Game of Life“. Die Aufgabe ist mit einigem Abstand die populärste und sie gilt als unerfüllbar. (via Hackaday)

Conways Game of Life ist ein sogenannter Zellulärer Automat, also eine Anordnung von Zellen (3x3 Pixel zum Beispiel), die nach bestimmten Regeln von einem Zustand zum nächsten mutieren, hatten wir gestern beim Pi-Fraktal bereits.

Mit den Teilen kann man aber nicht nur unendliche Fraktale basteln, sondern auch, sofern man die entsprechenden Regeln findet, eine Digitaluhr zum Beispiel. Oder halt Tetris. Aber für ein Game braucht man einen Computer oder zumindest eine Umgebung, in der man ein Game programmieren kann und man kann sich vorstellen: Um einen ausführbaren, auf reiner Mathematik beruhenden Computer in einer so simplen Umgebung wie Conways Game of Life zu bauen, braucht man eine ziemliche Menge von Zellulären Automaten und mit der Menge dieser steigt natürlich die Menge der Regeln und damit die Komplexität des ganzen Projekts, weshalb man für Atari2600 in Minecraft vielleicht ein paar Tage braucht, aber die genauen Regeln für einen Rechner in Game of Life zu finden – das dauert dann doch eher drei Jahre.

Das ist der Quest for Tetris und der aktuelle Status des Projekts ist anscheinend tatsächlich „actually very close to completion“, im Bild oben sieht man die AND, XOR und OR-Logig-Gates, Bild rechts ist der RAM.

Hier mal 'ne grobe Übersicht, die die Komplexität des Unterfangens in ihrer Breite aufzeigt, seriously excellent Nerdery at work:

There are two main sources from which we are basing our computer design:

The OTCA metapixel was created by Brice Due in 2006. It is a square-shaped GoL construction that is capable of emulating any life-like rule (that is, 2-state Moore-neighborhood outer totalistic rule). The details of its inner workings are beyond the scope of this project, but the ability to program cells independently of their neighbors is the key to this project.

The wireworld computer was built by David Moore and Mark Owen in 1992. It is (as far as I’m aware), the only CA-based computer of similar complexity and usability. We intend on using several similar methods in the construction of our computer. His website describes several parts of the computer, but unfortunately lacks the thoroughness I would prefer (and which I will attempt to provide in this series of blog posts).

Our Approach

We are building our computer on several layers of abstraction.

  • The Game of Life is the lowest level, of course.
  • Next is the OTCA metapixel, which is used to emulate a larger grid of cells. These cells can contain a variety of rules. We are using the rules B/S (for background), B1/S, B2/S, and B12/S1.
  • By stringing certain types of metapixels together, we can create wires, down which signals can flow (in the form of “highly controlled spaceships”). We can also create logic gates that take signals as input and give other signals as output. All of the basic logic units will be of comparable size and delay, allowing further abstraction.
  • Logic gates can be arranged to build logic circuits, like adders, multiplexers, memory cells, etc.
  • These circuits can be combined to form a functional, although basic, computer.
  • The computer can be programmed to have Tetris.
14:06 Weird #Crime #Money

Genfer Klos mit 10.000 Euro verstopft

Then this happened: Unbekannte haben mit rund 10000 Euro die Toiletten in Genf verstopft. Das Geld wurde in Klos einer Bank und mehrerer Restaurants gefunden.

NPR: Flush With Cash: Swiss Toilets Mysteriously Stuffed With 500-Euro Bills (via Fefe)

Toilets in Geneva were clogged with tens of thousands of dollars' worth of discarded cash earlier this summer — and nobody knows why.

The bathrooms at a branch of the UBS bank in Geneva, as well as in three nearby restaurants, had pipes stuffed with 500-euro bills that had apparently been cut up with scissors and flushed down the toilets. The mysterious misplaced funds were first reported by a Swiss newspaper, and local authorities have confirmed the incident to multiple media outlets.

Wär ich ja gerne dabei gewesen: Bankster hat irgendwie ärger und zuviel Geld in einer Plastiktüte, das er echt schnell loswerden muss, weil irgendein Dealer dem Bankster aus irgendeinem Koks-Grund irgendeinen Killer auf den Hals gehetzt hat – also rennt der Bankster erstmal ins Klo der Bank und stopft da alles rein, dann rennt er in seine Stamm-Restaurants und verkippt den Rest dort. Schöne Vorstellung, so ein Bankster auf der Flucht ins Klo. Hat was Business-Trainspottiges.

13:56 Science #Climate #Environment #Lightning #Ships #Weather

Containerschiffe verändern das Wetter über den Ozeanen und erzeugen durch den erhöhten Abgas-Ausstoß auf den Routen Gewitter und hinterlassen dabei eine Spur aus Blitzen: Lightning storms triggered by exhaust from cargo ships. Das Anthropozän kann einiges.

When Joel Thornton at the University of Washington in Seattle and his colleagues looked at records of lightning strikes between 2005 and 2016 from the World Wide Lightning Location Network, they noticed there were significantly more strikes in certain regions of the east Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, compared with the surrounding areas. Unusually, they occurred along two straight lines in the open ocean, which coincided with two of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Along these paths there were twice as many lightning strikes as in nearby areas. […]

Aerosol particles act as seeds, around which water vapour condenses into cloud droplets. In clean air there aren’t many seeds, so the cloud drops quickly grow and fall as rain. But when there are a lot of seeds, like over busy shipping routes, a greater number of small cloud drops form. Since these are light, they rise up high into the atmosphere and freeze, creating clouds rich in ice.

It is this that leads to more intense thunderstorms: lightning only occurs if clouds are electrically charged, and this only happens if there are lots of ice crystals.

13:26 Science #Animals #Octopus

Today I learned: Kopffüßer bauen „Städte“ aus Muscheln und Zeugs im Meer. Ob es sich bei den Octopus-Städten „Octlantis“ und „Octopolis“ um die Vororte von R'lyeh handelt, ist bislang nicht bekannt. Tentacles FTW!

“Octlantis,” a newly discovered settlement inhabited by around a dozen common Sydney octopuses, does have some strange residents.

Octopuses were once considered solitary creatures, thought to roam the depths alone, meeting only to mate. But recent discoveries have begun to overturn that assumption, however. Just take the 2009 discovery of a settlement similar to Octlantis, dubbed “Octopolis,” inhabited by the same type of octopus. While this species, dubbed the “Gloomy Octopus,” is still commonly found by its lonesome, in certain situations, it appears that they decide to band together into communities centered around small dens made of shells.

In Jervis Bay, off Eastern Australia, Octopolis was built around a man-made object of uncertain provenance, about which the octopuses gradually constructed small dens from the shell middens leftover from foraging and feasting. Nearby Octlantis provides a crucial confirmation of the behavior, but that “city” didn’t start around an artificial nucleus. The findings were published in the journal Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology.

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

2017/09/19 Movies #Trailer

Erster Teaser zum großartig aussehenden Mystery-Thriller Rabbit von Luke Shanahan, der zweite Prequel-Kurzfilm zu Blade Runner 2049 und ein kurzer Clip zu Netflix' Punisher-Serie.

Dazu neue Trailer zum Psycho-Thriller Barracuda, zum Entführungs-Drama All The Money In The World, zum Spy-Thriller Red Sparrow, zur Studentenverbindungs-Mockumentary Haze, sowie zu den Horror/Survival-Schlocks Dead Ant und Happy Hunting.


Adelaide Clemens (The Great Gatsby) plays identical twins linked by more than just DNA in this uniquely stylish psychological thriller.

Haunted by dreams of her missing sister Cleo and convinced – against all available evidence – that she is still alive, medical student Maude Ashton returns to their childhood home determined to find her. With the help of Cleo’s fiancé, Ralph (Alex Russell), Maude tracks her twin to a hidden commune where she learns that their fates are intrinsically intertwined.

Also featuring remarkable Belgian actor Veerle Bætens (The Broken Circle Breakdown), Rabbit is the chillingly atmospheric feature debut from Luke Shanahan. With a stunning aesthetic courtesy of cinematographer Anna Howard (Errors of the Human Body) and a suitably nerve-jarring score by Michael Darren, this Gothic mystery asks just how far we’ll go to save a loved one.


  • Jeez, really? ‘True Lies’ Movie Rebooted As TV Series By Fox With McG, Marc Guggenheim & James Cameron Producing
  • Not sure if I need yet another Halloween but hey, lets go: Jamie Lee Curtis Returning For New ‘Halloween’: „Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween.“
  • Charlie Brooker bei den Emmys: „Accepting his second award of the night for San Junipero—the breakout Black Mirror episode which features the series’ lone happy ending—series creator Charlie Brooker discussed the series’ unique place in the realm of politically resonant and prescient dramas. 'I’ve heard 2017 described as like being trapped in one long, unending black episode—but I’d like to think that if I’d written it, it wouldn’t be quite so on the nose, with all the Nazis and hate', Brooker said. 'San Junipero was a story about love, and love will defeat hate. But it will need a bit of help.'“
  • Emmy-Puke: Vomit on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards
  • Emmy-Winners:
    Best Comedy: “Veep” (HBO)
    Best Drama: “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu)
    Best Limited Series: “Big Little Lies” (HBO)
    Best Actress, Comedy: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep” (HBO)
    Best Actor, Comedy: Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (FX)
    Best Actress, Drama: Elisabeth Moss, “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu)
    Best Actor, Drama: Sterling K. Brown, “This Is Us” (NBC)
    Best Actress, Limited Series or TV Movie: Nicole Kidman, “Big Little Lies” (HBO)
    Best Actor, Limited Series or TV Movie: Riz Ahmed, “The Night Of” (HBO)
    Animated Program: “Bob’s Burgers” (FOX)

Gib mir den Rest, Baby…

2017/09/19 Fun #Fun


Ich sollte mir eine dieser Dadbags von Albert Pukies besorgen und mit Doppel-Bauch rumlatschen, für mehr zweifach Bauch-Körperästhetik im Alltag,…

Industrial Robot Band (UPDATE: Fake.)

Update 20.9.: Deshalb also klingt die Mucke so gewöhnlich: for the record: the creator of the music video told me…

2017/09/19 Design #Shirts

The Cure x The Exorcist-Shirt

Cool Mashup-Shirts by Wear Dinner, my favs are The Curexorcist and The Sex-Pistol-Larry. (via BoingBoing)

Das ist jetzt ein bisschen kompliziert, aber awesome: Jack Hodkinson hat ein Neural Network auf die Regeln eines Fraktals trainiert (Sierpiński-Teppich), um mit denen ein Fraktal zu generieren, das wie ein π (Pi) aussieht. Prinzipiell könnte man das Neural Network auch darauf trainieren, die eine Apfelmännchen-Gleichung zu finden, die unendlich viele, rekursive René-Gesicher produziert, aber das will ja nun wirklich keiner sehen, also lieber π:

This fractal is generated using string rewriting with 30 rules and can be iterated indefinitely to produce successively more copies of pi. I got the idea after stumbling on the beautiful Haferman carpet on Saturday evening, which is a much simpler example of string rewriting.

I explored this concept in a great deal of depth and produced lots of pretty pictures. I've included many of them in this YouTube video which also explains exactly how I found this ruleset (genetic programming).

Jann Wenner will den Rolling Stone verkaufen, die allgemeine Lage am Print-Markt und der Reputations-Verlust durch die Fake-Rape-Story haben dem Stone wohl am Ende den Garaus gemacht.

the sale of Rolling Stone would be Jann Wenner’s denouement, capping his unlikely rise from dope-smoking Berkeley dropout to silver-haired media mogul. An admirer of John Lennon and publishing mavens like William Randolph Hearst, Mr. Wenner — who invested $7,500 of borrowed money to start Rolling Stone along with his mentor, Ralph J. Gleason — was at turns idealist and desperado, crafting his magazine into a guide for the counterculture epoch while also gallivanting with superstars. He once boasted that he had turned down a $500 million offer for Rolling Stone, more than he could ever dream of getting for the magazine today. […]

Though he said he still cared deeply about Rolling Stone, Mr. Wenner has placed the magazine’s fate firmly in Gus’s hands, and he appears content to let someone else determine its path forward. “I think it’s time for young people to run it,” he said.

Ich habe den Stone viele Jahre lang nach meiner Techno-Zeit gelesen, auch um die ganzen Details um Bands und Künstler aus Grunge und Rock aufzuschnappen, die ich in den Jahren zuvor verpasst hatte. Aber man kann wohl nur soundsolange mit „Die besten 50 Alben aller Zeiten“-Specials und Matt Taibis paarmonatliche Artikel überleben und jetzt wird er eben verkauft. Tja.

Average Face of a UK Member of Parliament

Giuseppe Sollazzo hat das durchschnittliche Gesicht von englischen Politikern ausgerechnet: „This is the average face of a British Member of…

Virtual Reality for C64

Jemand namens Jim hat sich eine VR-Brille für'n C64 gebastelt und ein Game dafür gleich mitprogrammiert. Immerhin muss er sich…

Black Planet

Hubble hat einen kohlrabenschwarzen Planeten entdeckt und er heisst dabei auch noch „Wasp“. Würde ich ja hinfliegen, so 'nen schwarzen…

Pulp Doodlebombs by Hattie Stewart

Jede Menge tolle neue Doodlebombs auf Pulp-Covern und Porno-Mags und anderen Kram von Lieblings-Illustratorin Hattie Stewart. Die Frau hat auch…

2017/09/18 Design #Streetart

Broken TV waits quietly

Lovely Streetart-Interventions by Miguel Marquez.

Schöner Milestone auf dem Weg zur One-Click-Avatar für VR/AR und natürlich, sobald die Auflösung ausreicht, für One-Click-Fakes: Ein Algorithmus, der aus LowRez-Pics dreidimensionale Gesichter errechnet. Ich hab das Demo mal mit Bildern von yours truly angetestet und die Ergebnisse sind angemessen weird.

Paper: Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression

Our CNN works with just a single 2D facial image, does not require accurate alignment nor establishes dense correspondence between images, works for arbitrary facial poses and expressions, and can be used to reconstruct the whole 3D facial geometry (including the non-visible parts of the face) bypassing the construction (during training) and fitting (during testing) of a 3D Morphable Model.

We achieve this via a simple CNN architecture that performs direct regression of a volumetric representation of the 3D facial geometry from a single 2D image. We also demonstrate how the related task of facial landmark localization can be incorporated into the proposed framework and help improve reconstruction quality, especially for the cases of large poses and facial expressions.

Ken Catania hat eine Vorrichtung gebaut, um die Stromstärke von elektrischen Aalen zu messen. Die Viecher gaben im Experiment Schocks von 43 Milli-Ampere ab, was wohl ganz anständig und bereits für Menschen lebensgefährlich ist.

Paper: Power Transfer to a Human during an Electric Eel’s Shocking Leap
The Register: Mad scientist zaps himself to determine the power of electric eel shocks

Paradigm for measurement of current through the subject’s arm.

(A) Plastic chamber designed to preserve the hand-water interface while providing a low-resistance path (insulated 16G copper wire) back to the main body of water. Current was measured with a hall-effect ammeter independent of the circuit.

(B) Schematic of the eel, arm, and water, illustrating the circuit and current flow (red arrows). The ammeter was connected to a Powerlab data acquisition unit, which simultaneously recorded timestamps from the high-speed video camera.

(C) Frames from high-speed video documenting the eel and the subject’s arm. Arrow marks break in circuit as arm was withdrawn.

(D) Current recording during the eel’s shocking leap. Current increased as the eel ascended, as predicted from the equivalent circuit in Figure 1. Current peaks were approximately 43 mA.

2017/09/16 Music #Musicvideos

Musicvideos: The Horrors, Japandroids, Alvvays, Cults, King Krule, Odd Couple, Oh Boland, Radiohead, Nightmares on Wax